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Armchair Traveler: Growth

The art world too global for you? Each week, Interview highlights in pictures the shows you'd want to see—if you could jetset from one international hub to the next.



The Disquieting Artist

Victoria Stevens

Dan Herschlein's art appears to fall within the horror genre—the psychological kind that slinks in the shadows rather than scares you out of your seat.

The Photo-essayist

Nancy Borowick

Nancy Borowick's mother Laurel and father Howie were both diagnosed with stage-four cancer when she was in her twenties. As a nearly involuntary response, she took out her camera.

Harry Benson

Victoria Stevens

At age 87, Harry Benson still cites an early failure in life as having propelled him forward. Back in his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland, he was expelled from school at age 13. But this story does not continue as the sad tale of a rejected adolescent. 

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