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Tara Donovan's Decks

Dean Podmore

Buttons, toothpicks, No. 2 pencils, Styrofoam cups—these are all objects that have metamorphosed into sculptures in the hands of Tara Donovan.

Art with Altitude

In the tradition of the '70s art journal Avalanche, co-curators Olympia Scarry and Neville Wakefield elected for particularity over accessibility in "ELEVATION 1049 – AVALANCHE," their ephemeral exhibition in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Jack Pierson

Mario Sorrenti

The New York multimedia artist has made a career of assembling new, meaningful realities out of the pieces and personal trials of the old. A museum show this month restages some of his most powerful work from the 1990s, and it isn't so much a flashback as a return to form.



Armchair Traveler: In Writing

The art world too global for you? Each week, Interview highlights in pictures the shows you'd want to see—if you could jetset from one international hub to the next.

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