aria dean


Aria Dean and Louis Osmosis Talk Sculpture and Sperm Banks at Dover Street Market

March 1, 2024

On a trip to London to celebrate their recent solo shows, the artists reached a bold conclusion: “Everything lives within a sperm bank and we are all just illegitimate children of one another.”


Kiyan Williams Is Deep Frying the American Flag

February 29, 2024

“I got that recipe from my grandmother, who uses it for catfish. I use paprika for the seasoning because it creates this great color. I think of the seasonings as pigment.”


Photographer Jack Pierson Walks Us Through His Personal Art Collection

February 29, 2024

The artist, who shot our recent Bad Bunny cover, invited us to his home to get up close with his personal art collection, a dynamic blend of the blue-chip and the beatnik.


Chella Man Is Collaborating With His Younger Selves

February 28, 2024

The Deaf and trans illustrator told fellow artist Christine Sun Kim why his new exhibition at Hannah Traore Gallery feels like it’s in dialogue with his younger self.


Joseph Geagan and Ruby McCollister on Birds, Breasts, and Bruegel

February 15, 2024

The artist sits down with his friend and fellow show person to talk about his new solo show at Lomex, “La Bohème.”


“I Need Places to Tell a Story”: Wim Wenders, in Conversation with Michael Almereyda

February 14, 2024

“It’s through the Polaroids that I slowly understood what places meant to me in the process of filmmaking,” says the legendary director, who is exhibiting his Cibachrome prints of the American West for the very first time.


Christopher Udemezue on Ghost Towns and Goth Sensibilities

February 8, 2024

“They’re vibing, they’re in the Blue Mountains, they found a field of mushrooms, they’re falling in love.”


Frank Dorrey and Brayan Ramales Built the World Inside a Chinatown Mall

February 2, 2024

“I just love my bestie and he’s a great artist.”


Aurélia Zahedi Is on a Quest to Find the Rose of Jericho

February 2, 2024

“She’s really a witness of the desert.”


How Paz de la Huerta Found Peace in Her Surrealist Paintings

January 31, 2024

“I ran far, far away.”


Robert Roest on Idols, Angels, and the Anthropocene

January 30, 2024

“I’d rather see myself naked than be walking around not knowing I’m naked.”


Loie Hollowell on Frottage, Fantasy and Feminist Erotica

January 23, 2024

“What is the sensual, visual, phenomenological, experiential porn that gets me excited?”


Photographer Florian Hetz Wants to Abolish Artist Statements

January 9, 2024

“Berlin has turned into this kind of weird sex and drug resort.”


“It’s All Fear, No?”: Lena Henke, in Conversation With Urs Fischer

January 3, 2024

“I had a dream last week where I made a clay piece with you.”


Gary Simmons on Censorship, Minstrelsy, and the Scourge of Art Fairs

December 20, 2023

“Stay away from art fairs.”


Shirin Neshat on Protest, Performance Art, and the Power of Iranian Women

December 18, 2023

“For us, it’s the risk of our lives.”


Jillian Mayer on Plane Parts, Public Art, and Britney Spears Techno

December 15, 2023

“It’s great that there are artists that choose to make really political art. But we still have to think about who’s buying it. Or which museums are funded by whom.”

jon rafman


Jon Rafman and Dasha Nekrasova on the Horror We Call Life

December 15, 2023

As he prepares for an IRL world tour, the artist connected with his friend to discuss tech anxiety, irony poisoning, and art as a tool for enlightenment.


Seth Bogart and Macy Rodman on Transphobes, Bath Salts, and Locker Room Dick

December 14, 2023

“Art, especially galleries, are so fucking boring.”


Linda Simpson on Drag Queens, Downtown Scenes, and Underground Zines

December 13, 2023

“Gay media back then was pretty tacky. Tacky and lugubrious.”