tour diary

Disco Diva Jessie Ware Has a New Favorite Word, and It’s “Cunty”

June 7, 2023

“That’s what I do when I’m nervous, I’ll have a shot of whiskey to snap out of it.”


It’s Coi Leray’s World, Get Used to It

June 7, 2023

“If a guy carries himself like a player, like a boss, I like that,” says the 26-year-old hitmaker Coi Leray. “If you’re not trying to go outside and camp with me, you’re a dub.”


Chilean Pop Star Alex Anwandter Plays “Fuck, Marry, Kill” With Pop Anthems

June 6, 2023

“I’m a Riis type of guy, I like chaos.”


“Total Purity Vibes”: Snow Strippers Meet Club Eat

June 2, 2023

Ren G talks to the rising Detroit-based duo about their late-aughts inspired sound.


Arlo Parks Has Her Head in the Clouds

June 2, 2023

The Mercury Prize-winning musician speaks with Jeremy O. Harris about everything from auto-fiction, to folk-music, to Phoebe Bridgers, and why she’s finally ready to let her fantasies flow freely.


Water From Your Eyes and Snail Mail on Getting Signed and Playing Live

June 1, 2023

The rockers and label mates discuss subreddits, opening acts, and the TikTok-ification of live music.


Hayley Kiyoko on Turning “Girls Like Girls” into a Swoony YA Novel

June 1, 2023

“My realization was that I don’t need to be on the top of the mountain.”


Indie Rocker Miya Folick Can Cry to Any Song on This Playlist

May 31, 2023

“A roach is cringe but a roach never dies.”


100 Gecs on Shit Posts, Game Boys, and Mosh Pits

May 25, 2023

“It’s funny when people are like, ‘Is it completely ironic? A joke?’ It’s actually deeply personal.”

sound advice

The Papi Juice Collective Get Us Pumped Up for Pride With a Playlist

May 23, 2023

“Blackout curtains, electrolytes, homemade meals, and sleep!”


Sax God Masego Makes Music With a Mamba Mentality

May 22, 2023

“I’m a super humongous Kobe fan and everyone speaks about how he mentally just beat them up. I like that it’s kind of a jiu-jitsu thing.”

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Brooklyn DJ Physical Therapy Starts Dancing Once the Drunks Go Home

May 18, 2023

“In NYC the question is not where but when…”


Laurie Anderson and Lars Ulrich on Lou Reed’s Love of Tai Chi

May 12, 2023

“He tried to make everything as big, beautiful, and fantastic as it could be.”


Music Wunderkind Mike Sabath on Tibetan Bowls, Todd Phillips, and Train

May 11, 2023

“My parents said they were taking us to Hibachi for my older brother’s 10th birthday but instead took us to see Train.”


BENEE on Pinterest, Pets, and Weed Pens

May 9, 2023

“My foster dog just vomited on me!”

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Jared Abbott of @Assploitation Keeps the Afters Location a Secret

May 5, 2023

“Cheap fetish gear and a hair-part down the middle seems to work for a lot of people.”


Frost Children on Bathhouses, Bodega Coffee, and “Baby Mindset”

May 1, 2023

“I’m a big SpongeBob head and this reminds me of coral reef, like I’m living in a Diet Dr. Kelp kind of world.”


Josh Landau of Stolen Nova is Praying for an Oasis Reunion

April 26, 2023

“A song that made me cry not so long ago surprisingly was ‘I’ by Kendrick Lamar.”


Geoff MacCormack Looks Back on His Lifelong Friendship with David Bowie

April 26, 2023

“During my short stay at Mr Fish I noticed, tucked away, this small rail of heavily discounted men’s gowns.”


Fame, Dreams, and Romance with Nathy Peluso and Olivier Rousteing

April 21, 2023

The powerhouse Argentinian pop star and the Balmain creative director investigate their inner-most desires.