R.I.P Shelley Duvall. Revisit Her 1977 Interview Cover Story.

July 11, 2024

The legendary scream queen and Robert Altman muse has passed away at the age of 75. In 1977, she spoke to Andy Warhol and Bob Colacello over lunch at Quo Vadis.

daniel chew micaela durand


Directors Micaela Durand and Daniel Chew Want You to Torrent Their Films

July 11, 2024

After a screening of their trilogy of short films, the directing duo talked to “I Love Dick” author Chris Kraus about net art, dystopia, and gentrification.


Abby Elliott and Jamie Lee Curtis on What Makes The Bear One of One

July 8, 2024

TV mother and daughter reunite to discuss growing up with famous parents and the unorthodox way they pulled off their harrowing episode on the FX hit’s third season.


Niclas Larsson and Ruben Östlund on Ambition, Awards, and American Life

July 5, 2024

The “Mother Couch” director got on the phone with fellow Swede Ruben Östlund to talk about his debut feature, surviving the festival grind, and the allure of success in America.


“I’m Going to Lose My Fucking Mind”: Pamela Adlon, in Conversation With Lena Dunham

July 5, 2024

After the release of her directorial film debut, “Babes,” the Peabody Award-winning auteur talked to Lena Dunham about moviemaking, motherhood, and menopause.


Emma Roberts and Jen Statsky on Aliens, Influencers, and Self-Doubt

July 3, 2024

Before lifting off for her new movie “Space Cadet,” the star sat down with “Hacks” writer Jen Statsky to talk about the hellish diets of astronauts, the implications of alien life, and why she’s perusing Reddit.


Cleopatra Coleman and Debi Mazar on Scorpions, Sexuality, and Quitting Instagram

July 2, 2024

The “Clipped” star gets on the line with her newish friend to discuss humanizing a real person, their European meet-cute, and why she finally left social media.


“Wow, This Is a Crazy Gig”: Kevin Bacon by Kenny Loggins

July 1, 2024

Fresh off a fake camping trip, the “MaXXXine” star returns to civilization to cut loose with the soundtrack king.


“Most Queer Representation Is Horseshit”: Vera Drew, in Conversation With Bruce LaBruce

July 1, 2024

Last month, the director and star of “The People’s Joker” had a wide-ranging conversation with Bruce LaBruce about camp, sobriety, ego death, and the trans experience.


We Chainsmoked With Fashion Icon Michèle Lamy at the Queendom Screening

June 27, 2024

In this edition of Smoke Break, we caught the fashion legend after a screening of “Queendom,” a new documentary by director Agniia Galdanova.


“God Knows I Had My Fun”: Chace Crawford on Life After Gossip Girl

June 27, 2024

The actor talks to his friend Billy Magnussen about surviving the early rush of fame and how his current role on “The Boys” has helped him find balance.


“We’re Faggot Archivists”: Director Joshua Miller, in Conversation With Jeremy O. Harris

June 26, 2024

Before “The Exorcism” hit theaters, the filmmaker caught up with his old friend Jeremy O. Harris to talk about the gentrification of horror and growing up in show biz.


“Oh, Jodie”: When Jodie Comer Met Jodie Foster

June 21, 2024

To mark the release of her new film “The Bikeriders,” the British actor got on the line with her name twin to talk about emotional triggers, film-set politics, and theatrical trauma.


“Are We Peers?”: Joseph Quinn, in Conversation With Lupita Nyong’o

June 17, 2024

The “A Quiet Place: Day One” co-stars got together to discuss how they navigate on-set nerves, the audition process, and working with big Hollywood egos.


Hagop Kourounian of @DirectorFits on the Safdie’s Puffers and Wim Wenders’ Y3’s

June 14, 2024

In this week’s Search History, we DM’d the man behind @DirectorFits to discuss the fashions of Sofia Coppola, Wim Wenders, and the Safdies.


Glen Powell and Matthew McConaughey Tell the Truth About Movie Stardom

June 10, 2024

To help him navigate his new reality, the summer’s hottest star calls on another Texas boy who knows a thing or two about the Hollywood head trip.


“This Might Be Our Last Conversation”: Amandla Stenberg by Hunter Schafer

June 6, 2024

“The Acolyte” star talks to her friend about orgy parties, psychic readings, frontal-lobe development, and “Star Wars.”


Director Tyler Taormina Is Bringing Sincerity Back to Indie Cinema

May 30, 2024

At the Cannes Film Festival, we caught up with the director just after the premiere of his third full-length feature, “Christmas Eve in Miller’s Point.”


Hannah Einbinder on Divas, Swifties, and Industry Plants

May 30, 2024

The “Hacks” star gives it to us straight.


Théodore Pellerin Is Coming to a Theater Near You. And He’s Wearing Stilettos.

May 29, 2024

The 26-year-old actor talked to Interview about playing a drag artist in Sophie Dupuis’s third full-length feature, “Solo.”