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Dani Shapiro

In Hourglass (Knopf), out tomorrow, beloved novelist and memoirist Dani Shapiro presents a sharp look at the realities of marriage. 

Discovery: Justin Cornwell

Dani Brubaker

When Justin Cornwell was cast as Detective Kyle Craig, the trainee cop on CBS's television adaptation of Antoine Fuqua's Oscar-winning film, he was still living in Chicago, working in theater, doing commercials and bit-parts on television shows filming in the area. 

Eli Russell Linnetz

Bjarne Jonasson

One of Kanye's closest creative collaborators has already announced himself as something of a wunderkind with his video work for the rapper.



Mary Gaitskill

Richard Burbridge

One of our most original fiction writers turns her wit and wisdom toward the real world, right when we need it most.



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