“I Have Nothing to Hide”: Getting Riis Beach Ready With the Prada Raffia Tote

Prada raffia

We’re back with another in-office handbag review. Today’s treasure? The Prada Raffia tote, a beach-worthy companion that has our editors dreaming of farmer’s markets and trips to the Hamptons. But this bag isn’t just for the upper-crust…


ERNESTO MACIAS: Okay, it’s recording.

TAYLORE SCARABELLI: Oh, wait one second. I need to find out the names of these hot colorways.

MACIAS: This one’s the “Natural.”

SCARABELLI: For the natural girl. She’s giving me coastal grandmother. She had some waspy, elite vibes. You’re going to take her to the Hamptons to visit your in-laws.


SCARABELLI: And then the pink one is the cheeky downtown girl. She’s running out to buy the new issue of Interview. 

MACIAS: That one’s called “Petal Pink.” It’s so cute.

SCARABELLI: This is for, like, Hailey Bieber when she hangs with her gays at Riis beach. She’s like, “I’m going to get a little quirky today.” You could totally fit a full 24 pack of White Claws in here. And then this white one—

MACIAS: I feel like this one is for flower carrying. It gives delicate.

SCARABELLI: Yes, exactly. It’s for the farmers market. It’s very white.

MACIAS: It’s like, “You can’t put this on the floor,” white.

SCARABELLI: I don’t deserve this bag because I always put my bag on the floor and know it’s bad luck but I can’t help it.


SCARABELLI: So yeah, this is for a woman who lives in Carroll Gardens. She has two young kids, but somehow she keeps her Prada Raffia tote clean and full of snacks for her babies. She fills that shit with fresh fruits. She might even be a fruitarian.

MACIAS: A fruitarian?

SCARABELLI: A skinny bitch who only eats fruits. It’s so chic. I just want to talk a little bit about the raffia, the straw. It’s so soft.

MACIAS: But it’s also structural.

SCARABELLI: It’s structural, but it has this really beautiful movement to it. It all flows together and the weaving is just gorgeous.

MACIAS: And I do like the border. It gives it form.

SCARABELLI: Look how they put the Prada triangle in there, it’s all just woven in.

MACIAS: What would you carry in this bag?

SCARABELLI: My fucking laptop, bitch. I’m busy.

MACIAS: Definitely no jewelry or anything because it could fall through the holes.

SCARABELLI: You do have to be careful with the holes, but it’s also about being open, letting people know what you’re up to. I have nothing to hide.

MACIAS: It’s the summer of openness.

SCARABELLI: That’s right. There’s nothing nasty in my bag.

Prada raffia