Isabel Marant’s Oskan Moon Bag Is a Very Sexy Horse Girl Situation



Interview’s senior editor Taylore Scarabelli announces that it’s time to review Isabel Marant’s new Oskan Moon handbag. The fashion team, a little nervous to go on the record, gather around a large cardboard box. Their eyes widen as they spot the mess of colorful, luxurious leather inside. No one wants to return the bags to headquarters.


TAYLORE SCARABELLI: We’re here with the new Isabel Marant Oskan bag, and Oskan means moon in—I actually have no idea what it means. Everybody dive in. First reaction…it’s giving me saddle. This oxblood color is a very sexy horse girl situation. 

ERNESTO MACIAS: It’s very Mary-Kate going riding in a white t-shirt.

SCARABELLI: The turquoise is great.

LULU LEE: Those are good spring colors, the blue and the green and the yellow.

SCARABELLI: I like the silver hardware, it gives me more of a western vibe.

LUCY GASTON: I would wear this in Yellowstone.

SCARABELLI: I would wear this to happy hour at Sel Rrose. 


MACIAS: The black suede one?

SCARABELLI: The black suede one is fab.

MACIAS: They are so versatile, I feel like you could easily wear them to a night out downtown–

LEE: –day-to-night transition.

SCARABELLI: Not day-to-night. Y’all can do better!

LEE: What’s a cooler way to say that?

SCARABELLI: You’re going to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone and then you’re going out for drinks at—is there a hot new New York club?

GASTON: Could you wear two at once?

SCARABELLI: Totally. I didn’t realize that these are adjustable. 

GASTON: There’s a crossbody sitch.

SCARABELLI: Look, Ernesto styled it like a fanny pack. 

GASTON: So innovative. 


SCARABELLI: What are we wearing with it?

GASTON: I want something dressed up with the suede. Something to slink around town in.

SCARABELLI: I like that the Marant girl is getting a little kookier. 

GASTON: She is. She’s a french girl on a trip to New York. She’s a little bit cleaner, tighter, more muted, but bold. 

SCARABELLI: They had great casting at their last show. Lots of iconic models. It’s the new off-duty model it-bag. You can fit your cell phone, an external battery, and, like, two packs of cigarettes. 

LEE: And it won’t look full if you fill it up. 

SCARABELLI: It has a good structure. Well, I love this. I would give it a 9.8 out of 10.