Christian Wijnants

Christian Wijnants’ Spring 2015 show simply began with the concept of all-terrain chic, but quickly expanded into the outlandish and ephemeral. With hidden under an array of bucket shaped hats, models walked with a sense of vigor and grace. Wijnants’ collage of unexpected textiles—from coated linen and romantic brocades, to latex and leather—provided a fresh visual narrative. Whimsical details were abundant: intricate organic embroidery, fine assemblages of contrasting fabric, and rustic knits only served to emphasize Wijnants’ skill and talent. Neutral camel, soft white, and muted dove grey provided a serene contrast to bright splashes of blue, chartreuse, and peach. Romantic draping, billowing trails of skirt, and thoughtful tailoring added to the delicate and highly refined nature of the collection.

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