Meryn Chimes

Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Lionheart,’ Negash Ali

December 9, 2014

The 24-year-old Eritrean musician Negash Ali and his new single “Lionheart” give listeners hip-hop infused with heart and soul, while simultaneously providing distinct R&B influences.

A Friendship Over the Centuries

December 2, 2014

David Alexander Flinn and Jamie Bochert are two of a kind. This much is clear watching the models-turned-artists’ latest collaboration, Bochert’s music video “Isabella.”

Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘One Hunnid,’ Spank Rock

December 2, 2014

With his newest track “One Hunnid,” Spank Rock creates music that has both pop and dance appeal, while simultaneously paying tribute to the smooth lyrical flow of his forbearers, like Andre 3000 and Grandmaster Flash, and R&B rhythms from groups like Next.

The Birth of Børns

November 11, 2014

Beyond BØRNS’ Beach Boys-inspired tonalities lies something more: funk vibes, romantic lyricism and a soulful wistfulness that is rooted in his upbringing in coastal Michigan.

Dirty Pop

November 4, 2014

Punk rock is a moving target. This is the message embedded AJ Davila’s pop-influence melodies and fuzzed-out guitar jams.

The Collective Afterlife

October 27, 2014

“This is not an African exhibition, this is an exhibition of contemporary art where artists have an African connection,” says Simon Njami of “The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell Revisited,” the newest exhibition at Savannah College of Art and Design’s Museum of Art

Christian Wijnants

October 20, 2014

Christian Wijnant’s Spring 2015 show simply began with the concept of all-terrain chic, but quickly expanded into the outlandish and ephemeral.

John Stezaker’s Shadowed Land

October 16, 2014

British artist John Stezaker rose to prominence during the ’80s and ’90s with his small-scale photo collage manipulations.

First Dibs: Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2015 Look 52

October 10, 2014

Only Dolce & Gabbana could combine salsa dancer and a dash of royalty and make it look so chic and contemporary.

Trailer Face-Off: Exodus: Gods and Kings vs. Fury

October 2, 2014

This week: Exodus: Gods and Kings vs. Fury, two historical Oscar hopefuls focusing on a strong male protagonist during a time of conflict.

Vivienne Westwood

October 2, 2014

Vivienne Westwood’s Spring 2015 collection was a dramatic contemplation of the vastness of human culture and decay.