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The Met Gala Afters With Charles Gross—Let’s Talk About It

Photo courtesy of Charles Gross.

Charles Gross is TikTok’s luxury connoisseur. The 26-year-old fashionista has earned nearly one million followers on the app for his purring, ASMR-style reviews of Hermès bags, Dior puffers—and most recently, his own personal life. As one of Gen Z’s standout voices in the digital fashion sphere, it’s a given that Gross make an appearance at this year’s Met Gala festivities. We caught up with the young fashion guru last night, at Instagram’s after-party at the James B. Duke House. Between Anderson .Paak‘s set and a secret performance by SZA, Gross shared his takes on the night’s red carpet looks, after-party favors, and Marilyn Monroe’s infamous “Happy Birthday” dress.


INTERVIEW: So I’m here with Charles, our favorite TikTokker.

CHARLES GROSS: Let’s talk about it. 

INTERVIEW: First of all, can you tell me what you’re wearing?

GROSS: I’m wearing a Dion Lee blazer, The Row top and The Row pants, and a Gigi Buriss mask. 

INTERVIEW: And what about the bag?

GROSS: It’s an Hermès crocodile Kelly from FASHIONPHILE—a recent addition to my collection. I’m just so in love with it. 

INTERVIEW: Did you get a good deal on it?

GROSS: Always.

INTERVIEW: What did you think about all the looks on the red carpet tonight?

GROSS: My favorite was Kendall. And Kim wearing the Marylin Monroe dress, there’s so much history behind it, and that dress caused so much conflict—I’m conflicted about it—I have to really mull it over and see how I feel.

INTERVIEW: Do you think people got the theme?

GROSS: Yeah. Some people were really on the nose in a costume sense, and some people were looser with it. 

INTERVIEW: How are you interpreting gilded glamour for yourself?

GROSS: I wanted to incorporate the corset silhouette instead of going for brocade or gold. 

INTERVIEW: Ok so the girls want to know what is in your Hermès bag.

GROSS: I have my wallet, my two phones, and breath mints.

INTERVIEW: No party favors?

GROSS: I have some lip balm.

INTERVIEW: If you could dress anyone for the Met Gala who would it be?

GROSS: I would dress Kylie Jenner, and I would do something so far out of her comfort zone. Something reserved. That would be my dream.