Anderson .Paak Brought Chocolate Mushrooms and BDE to the Met Gala

Anderson .Paak

Last night, Anderson .Paak brought the heat to the Met Gala red carpet in a custom head-to-toe Gucci look designed by Alessandro Michele. To find out how he prepped for the big moment, we caught up with the musician in his dressing room before he danced out the door at the The Mark Hotel.


INTERVIEW: What was the first thing you did this morning?

ANDERSON .PAAK: Take a dook.

INTERVIEW: Who are you wearing?

.PAAK: Gucci.

INTERVIEW: What was on the mood board for your look tonight?

.PAAK: Whatever my stylist said. I have no say in it at all. It was based on the mood she was in.

INTERVIEW: What’s the vibe in your dressing room—what are you eating?

.PAAK: There’s nothing worse than walking down the red carpet with a muffin top. I’ve been starving for three days straight in order to fit these leather pants. But every night, when I go to bed hungry, I dream of Fatburger.

Anderson .Paak

INTERVIEW: What are you listening to?

.PAAK: I prefer a lot of easy listening; music that soothes the soul- Jay Z, Pusha T, DPG, DOC, MOB, TLC, SWV and Jermaine Dupri.

INTERVIEW: What are you wearing while you get ready?

.PAAK: A silk pajama set with no undies.

INTERVIEW: Give us three words that embody your look.

.PAAK: I prefer letters. BDE.

INTERVIEW: Does your look have pockets?

.PAAK: Yes…

INTERVIEW: What’s in them?

.PAAK: $500, chocolate mushrooms and keys to my hotel room.

INTERVIEW: What does it mean to you to attend the Met Gala?

.PAAK: I’m relevant.

INTERVIEW: What does the Gilded Age mean to you?

.PAAK: Whatever Anna Wintour tells me it means!

Anderson .Paak

INTERVIEW: Are you nervous about walking the steps?

.PAAK: Only two things make me nervous: my wife and the police.

INTERVIEW: Who are you excited to see tonight?

.PAAK: Lil Nas X and Dua Lipa.

INTERVIEW: What are your Met Gala “do’s” and “don’ts?”

.PAAK: Confidence is key. Make sure your breath is as fresh as your look, and have fun and enjoy the moment—you might not ever look this good again. Don’ts: don’t talk too much and don’t be on your phone too much.

INTEVIEW: What’s your favorite Met look from previous galas?

.PAAK: Lil Nas X’s gold look.

INTERVIEW: What’s the biggest Met Gala faux pas?

.PAAK: Tripping down the stairs, having a booger in your nose, or not taking a risk and having enough fun with the theme!

INTERVIEW: What after party are you going to?

.PAAK: The Instagram party. I’ll be djing a set…pull up!

INTERVIEW: What is the best time to arrive at the after party?

.PAAK: Fashionably late of course.