Chiara Clemente Creates Art At Atelier Persol

To create her film with sunglass label Persol, Atelier Persol, Chiara Clemente wanted to do something special—and that is exactly what she did. Clemente selected eight contemporary artists and Interview favorites, including Vanina Sorrenti, Kolkoz, Mathilde Monnier, Sébastian Tellier, Robert Montgomery, and legendary graffiti artist Futura, and invited them to a villa in the countryside in Florence, Italy. Clemente gave the artists utter freedom, challenging them to confront the “unpredicitable” nature of their talent. Although all working on separate art works, the artists fed off of each other’s creativity. It was, as the artists note in the film, both liberating and frightening. “Perfection was impossible,” explained Monnier, “but that was a direction.” “I feel like I’m an orchestra director,” remarks one half of the duo Kolkoz, “the rhythm is first of all inside us.”

The daughter of celebrated visual artist Francesco Clemente, Chiara began her filmmaking career with the 2005 short, Three Worlds. At Hôtel Americano in Chelsea last night, where Clemente premiered the 12-minute Atelier Persol with Persol as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, Chiara was joined by family members, friends, art critics, and fashionistas, including Anthony Haden-Guest, Leandra Medine, and Johan Lindberg. For pictures from the event, click here.