We’ll Be Wearing the New MCM x Crocs Clogs When the Aliens Come

MCM x Crocs

It’s time convene another roundtable fashion review, and this time the object of our desire is MCM x Crocs Mega Crush Clog. Our associate editor Ernesto Macias gathered the summer interns, our social editor Julian Ribeiro, and our editor-in-chief’s assistant Chloe Shaar to discuss the German fashion house’s latest drop, which is available in two futuristic color pairings, both adorned with one-of-a-kind MCM charms. In the campaign, starring none other than Lindsay Lohan, the new mom and Interview regular is giving “alien bad bitch,” according to our intern Ary Russell. When the extraterrestrials finally pay us a visit on Mother Earth, we know exactly what we’ll be wearing.


ERNESTO MACIAS: It’s a Tuesday at the Interview offices and we’re back with another installment of our roundtable review. This time we’re discussing the MCM x Crocs collaboration, whose campaign stars the one and only Lindsay Lohan. Initial thoughts? 

ARY RUSSELL: Very futuristic with the little silver jewels.

CHLOE SHAAR: It’s kind of giving “silver baddie”.

MACIAS: Did y’all ever expect Crocs to become such a fashion staple?

RUSSELL: I did not. I had a friend in high school who would collect Crocs. She’d be like “They’re going to be a thing!” I’m like, “You’re delusional.” I guess she was right.

SHAAR: They’re still nice and lightweight. They’re not too heavy.

RUSSELL: They’re very platformed, too. There’s lots of support. 

SHAAR: The girlies have gotta be tall. And I fucking love the pocket. You can hold anything in here.

MACIAS: What about the campaign?

SHAAR: Mother. She looks so good.

RUSSELL: I love LiLo. Alien bad bitch.

SHAAR: Sexy and convenient. Anything I need goes in here, like headphones.


EMMA SCHARTZ: They feel strong and powerful. You’re going to go stomp on someone in those things.

RUSSELL: She’s giving power mom but she’s also, you know, cool.

RIBEIRO: Comfort should never come at the cost of 2023.

MACIAS: Where would you wear these, Nicholson?


SHAAR: I feel like the beauty is that you can wear these anywhere. You can wear them taking the kid to school, but also when the kid’s in bed. 

MACIAS: And you can wear them leaving the afters to get bacon egg and cheese.

ELEANOR VEITCH: And they’ve got thick soles, so no bacteria is getting in there.

MACIAS: What about the charms? Do y’all love them?

RUSSELL: They’re bougie.

SHAAR: I love the charms.

VEITCH: The gibbets!

RIBEIRO: I’ve never seen metal gibbets before.

SHAAR: I’m wearing these to the club, no problem. You can put your party favors in the pocket. 

VEITCH: Or a single pre-roll.

MACIAS: All sorts of goodies. Crocs are fashion.

MCM x Crocs