Prada’s Pink Gold Jewelry Has Us Dreaming of Montauk and Linen

prada fine jewelry

Pieces from the new Prada Fine Jewelry Eternal Gold collection in pink gold.

There’s something about getting hot and sweaty while scantly dressed and delicately bejeweled that we’re going to miss. As summer comes to a close, our editorial assistant Mekala Rajagopal and editor-in-chief’s assistant Chloe Shaar dream of Hamptons romps and outdoor dining in Prada’s new Eternal Gold fine jewelry.


MEKALA RAJAGOPAL: Pink gold is like the grown-up version of rose gold.

SHAAR: It’s lovely for the end of summer. The ring is super cute.

RAJAGOPAL: I love a skinny necklace. This is definitely late-summer nostalgia. I’m in Montauk in a white linen button down. Sheer, no pants. Body oiled down.

SHAAR: It’s a beach day moment. I have my sandals and I have my pink gold jewelry, and my rosé to match.

RAJAGOPAL: In my Birkenstocks. I’m wearing my triangle crochet Prada bag. My hair is slicked back.

prada fine jewelry

SHAAR: Heavy on the crochet. I’d wear two of the earrings in the same ear and rock the necklace with it. That’s what I like about the Prada triangle.

RAJAGOPAL: That would be cute.

SHAAR: Or even a triangle nose piercing. I would love the ring as a thumb moment with other big pieces.

RAJAGOPAL: I’m into a pinky ring with a pinky watch.

SHAAR: I just Depop-ed one of those! Those are my favorite fingers for rings. And the necklace is good for layering.

RAJAGOPAL: What would you wear with them?

SHAAR: I’d do big boots, jean shorts, button-down top.

prada fine jewelry

RAJAGOPAL: We’re feeling the buttons. Maybe even triangular buttons.

SHAAR: Or even a little summer dress.

RAJAGOPAL: We’re mourning the end of summer even though it’s really not the end.

SHAAR: When September comes along it feels like the end, spirtually. But she’s crispy enough for fall. She’s fresh. She can be a fall baddie in her pink gold jewelry.

RAJAGOPAL: Right. I’d wear this to a corporate steakhouse dinner. Is that a thing? But make it outdoors.

SHAAR: She’s versatile. She’s a woman of the world.