Burberry Spring 2024 Takes Our Interns on a Preppy Acid Trip

THURSDAY  1:52 PM JULY 6, 2023 NYC

On a scorching hot Thursday afternoon at the Interview office, associate editor Ernesto Macias gathered the summer interns to hear their take on Daniel Lee’s equestrian-inspired Burberry Spring 2024 collection. Emma imagines the looks at Glastonbury Festival while Apple feels as if she’s been taken on a “preppy acid trip.” Meanwhile, Eleanor simply must have the argyle joggers—and everyone agrees that fur tails are the hottest new accessory.  


MACIAS: I’m here with the three of our summer interns, ready to talk about Burberry Spring 2024. 

EMMA SCHARTZ: Oh my gosh. The overall vibe is trippy patterns and funky silhouettes. I always appreciate fun tights, personally.

MACIAS: What do you think, Apple?

APPLE MARTIN: I love the duck print the most. It’s a very funky pattern that I wasn’t expecting. 

MACIAS: What did you Slack me earlier?

MARTIN: I said it was a, “Preppy acid trip vibe.”

MACIAS: I like that. 

MARTIN: I also love a good welly. The riding boots are really cool, too.

MACIAS: It’s very British.

SCHARTZ: Yeah, it feels like Glastonbury Festival in 2005, when Kate Moss was wearing her rain boots.

MARTIN: I was just going to say that.

MACIAS: Eleanor, where would you wear it?

ELEANOR VEITCH: Where would I wear an all-plaid ensemble? Definitely in a professional context, for a presentation, when I want to look authoritative but show my fun side.

MACIAS: What do we think of the pattern and color-clashing?

MARTIN: They pulled it off, I’ll say. I love Looks 38 and 40. I would wear 38 to an alpine fashion show.

Burberry Spring 2024, look 40.

MACIAS: Julian [Interview’s social media editor], can you talk about the men’s looks? 

JULIAN RIBEIRO: Yeah, there’s some immediate standouts to me. The furry hats are so lovable. I’m a big fan of the tails used throughout on the purses. The plaids are all very cute. I think it’s giving sexy, contemporary Nardwuar.

MACIAS: You’re a skater. What’d you make of the shoes?

RIBEIRO: They’re super wearable. My rose is the big faux fur boots, which might actually be women’s.

MACIAS: Interesting.

RIBEIRO: I like the sturdy blazer, slouchy bottom thing they got for boys. Sleeves over the hands is another big standout. Basically, I just want to be in an all-fur outfit wearing a trapper hat bigger than my head.

MACIAS: Did y’all notice the hardware on the bags is the Burberry horse? I also like this thorn necklace, I could see A$AP [Rocky] wearing that.

MARTIN: It’s maybe because he wore a blanket to the MET Gala a year ago, but I could see him in the duvet-esque look.

RIBEIRO: Quiet luxury is for the birds. Everyone should know you’re rich.

VEITCH: I want to amend my answer about where I’d wear this collection. I almost think it’s for an Arctic exploration. The big fur hat, the rain boots. It’s the most bougie, glamorous version of that.

MACIAS: My rose is this huge white bag and the trench coat. A twist on classic Burberry. Also, did you notice the rose bag?

MARTIN: I would wear the rose bag and have a Carrie Bradshaw moment, where I’m in a big coat with little heels.

MACIAS: Eleanor, if you could have one of these pieces, which one would it be?

VEITCH: I’m going to say the cashmere argyle joggers in Look 40.

RIBEIRO: I want the tail, give me the tail!

MACIAS: Luxurious tails are back.