“It’s Giving Concrete”: The Kids React to Our Jennifer Lawrence Cover

Jade holding the Jennifer Lawrence Interview cover

Earlier this week, we sent our interns to Washington Square Park in New York City to find out how the children feel about the cover of our new summer issue, featuring a weird chair and Jennifer Lawrence in sweatpants. They had some thoughts. 





INTERVIEW: What’s the cover giving? 

JADE: It’s fire, she looks great. 

INTERVIEW: Finish the sentence: Jennifer Lawrence is… 

JADE: Giving pussy razor burn. Done. 

INTERVIEW: Who would win The Hunger Games: Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston? 

JADE: Probably not JLo, she’s like fake Spanish. That’s clocked already. Jennifer Lawrence probably. She’s already been through it. Who’s the other one? 

INTERVIEW: Jennifer Aniston. 

JADE: She’s not giving winner, you know?




Ignacia contemplates the Jennifer Lawrence Interview Magazine cover.

INTERVIEW: What’s this cover giving? 

IGNACIA: Oh my god, it’s stunning. It gives me chills. I look and her and feel empowered myself. 

INTERVIEW: What do you think is Jennifer Lawrence’s most iconic performance? 

IGNACIA: What was she in? 

INTERVIEW: The Hunger Games

IGNACIA: The Hunger Games

INTERVIEW: Do you have a message for JLaw? 

IGNACIA: I love you!



Mateo holds the Jennifer Lawrence cover issue.

INTERVIEW: What is this cover giving?

MATEO: The first thing I noticed was Jennifer Lawrence obviously, but then I noticed this weird pillow. That, I get weird vibes from. Jennifer Lawrence, I like. She was good in The Hunger Games, she was good in all those movies and she’s bad realistically, but this is weird, honestly. But I like the colors, and the yellow’s cool too. 

INTERVIEW: Fuck, Marry, Kill: Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss Everdeen, Mystique?

MATEO: Kill Mystique. Actually, I don’t know. She could shapeshift. Nah, but let’s kill her. I guess I’d have to marry Jennifer Lawrence because in The Hunger Games, she was going back and forth between Peeta and Gale, and that was weird. And then, I’d have to fuck Katniss.




Ezra eats an ice cream cone and dishes about the Jennifer Lawrence cover.

INTERVIEW: What is this cover giving?

EZRA: Slay. She’s fucking eating. Mother.

INTERVIEW: In The Hunger Games, who would win: Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Anniston, or Jennifer Lawrence?

EZRA: I gotta go with JLo. She’s what now, 50? If she could still dance like that, she could win the Hunger Games.  

INTERVIEW: Fuck, marry, kill: Jennifer Lawrence, Mystique, Katniss Everdeen?

EZRA: Kill Katniss Everdeen, Fuck Mystique, Marry Jennifer Lawrence.



@grand_trap_king and @willisrad_irl

INTERVIEW: What’s this cover giving?

EZRA: It’s giving concrete.

INTERVIEW: Where would you take JLaw on a date?

WILL: Maybe Arby’s.  

EZRA: Arby’s bro? C’mon. Unfortunately, I probably couldn’t take JLaw on a date cuz I’m taken. You know, I gotta stay loyal.




INTERVIEW: What’s this cover giving?

SU: It’s giving cunt. I love JLaw, she’s great.

INTERVIEW: Where would you take JLaw on a date?

SU: I’ve heard that the Met every Friday and Saturday does “Date Night at the Met,” where they open it at night to do free drinks and stuff like that. I feel like she has a lot to say. You know, she probably has a couple of dresses in the collection there, I’d love to get her take. 

INTERVIEW: Fuck, marry kill: Jennifer Lawrence, Mystique, Katniss Everdeen. 

SU: Oh god. I’d kill Mystique, I’m sorry. I would fuck Katniss probably, just cuz a lot of her wilderness skills might translate, you know? And then obviously marry JLaw.