“British, Y’know?”: Little Simz Went Classic Burberry For Her First Met Gala

Little Simz

Last night, British rapper Little Simz hit the steps of their first Met Gala in head-to-toe Burberry, designed by the iconic creative director himself, Daniel Lee. To find out how she prepped for the big moment, we caught up with the rising star just as she was getting glammed with her team.



LILY KWAK: Hi! How are you? 

SIMZ: Good. Thank you. I’m good. 

KWAK: What are you up to? How are you feeling? 

SIMZ: I’m good. I’m just getting a haircut right now. 

KWAK: Exciting. I came across a video of you last night, you were like 11, dropping bars on BBC’s 1Xtra. Was this something you were dreaming of, showing out at a place like the Met Gala?

SIMZ: Yeah, it’s crazy. When I see videos from back then, I kind of think, “Wow it was really all part of my journey,” and it just took sticking at it and being persistent, patient, and hard working to reach certain heights, you know?

KWAK: You’re known to steal the show at a red carpet. I think Vogue has called you a red carpet star to watch. Last time you were with Burberry, you were at London Fashion Week with a beautiful massive fur hat on. What’s the story behind your look today?

SIMZ: Yeah, we’re going Burberry again. British, you know? I want it to be clean and fresh. I’m in a new phase in my life, and I guess the whole idea is a new beginning. I really love the look and think it’s really fun. Hopefully it’s good on me…

Little Simz

KWAK: What’s this new phase you’re stepping into? 

SIMZ: This next phase in my career, I wanted something super clean and fresh really, and the Burberry team, Daniel [Lee], really nailed it and embodied my life, my career. They got it right and pined into the theme of this event as well.

KWAK: What were your inspirations for the look? Did you go back to any previous Met Gala looks? 

SIMZ: Yeah, I just wanted it to be fresh and let the professionals do it. I feel like I don’t really get involved. I’m a very trusting person. And at the point where I’m at the fitting, I’m like, “Yeah, this is going to work, this is going to be great.”

KWAK: I’m very excited for you. What’s your relationship to clothing and playing dress up?

SIMZ: I enjoy getting dressed up and I enjoy fashion. I enjoy the body and different facets of myself and just tapping into all sides of me through fashion. That’s super fun for me. I’m not that extravagant in my personal life, but I do like to dress up and wear things that make me feel good and are a bit experimental as well. 

KWAK: I have some rapid-fire questions in line with the Met Gala theme. Is there a piece of clothing that holds precious memories for you?

Little Simz

SIMZ: Maybe my school uniform. Wore that every day for study years, so it’s kind of hard to get that out of my head.

KWAK: Sweet. What’s a piece of clothing that feels best on your body?

SIMZ: Maybe a hoodie. 

KWAK: What was your morning routine before the chaos tonight?

SIMZ: I’m a bit jet lagged so I woke up pretty early, I worked out, caught up with things happening in London, and then I had some breakfast. I actually got a massage today as well. And I just thought I’d get ready. 

KWAK: Who’s on your Met Gala playlist? 

SIMZ: I was just listening to an artist called Lady Wray. Literally what I was listening to before you called.

KWAK: Shoutout Lady Wray. What’s anchoring you tonight? 

Little Simz

SIMZ: I’m just gonna remember who I am really and just be myself. Sometimes these things can make you pretty anxious, like a red carpet or an event with lots of people taking photos. I’m going to try to breathe and most of all, enjoy it. You only have it once a year, and this is my first time. 

KWAK: Is there anyone you’re excited to see tonight?

SIMZ: I’ll be honest, I don’t really know, but I’m with the Burberry team, so I’m excited to see everyone on that table. And obviously, Daniel Lee as well. He’s a legend.

KWAK: Is there anything you can share about your look before the night comes?

SIMZ: Nah, not really. [Laughs] You’ll see it, though. 

KWAK: Can’t wait. I hope you have the best first Met Gala.

SIMZ: Thank you.