Devon Lee Carlson Wants to Dress Her Boyfriend in Burberry FW24

Devon Lee Carlson

Photos courtesy of Devon Lee Carlson.

MONDAY FEB. 19, 2024 8:42 PM LONDON.

For the YouTube sensation Devon Lee Carlson, the ultimate test of a runway collection is if your boyfriend is in your ear as models stroll down the runway saying, I’d wear that. “When the boyfriend likes it, it’s kind of the best review,” confirms our fashion director Dara. On Monday evening in London, Carlson and her beau, Duke Nicholson, were living for Burberry’s Fall-Winter 2024 collection, which paid tribute to the great outdoors (and the kind of cozy, wearable clothes that help us brave it). After the show, Dara and DLC got together to talk all things Burberry and boyfriends.


DEVON LEE CARLSON: I’m really tempted to lay down.

DARA: It’s giving sleepover.

CARLSON: I was thinking about laying down and taking a picture, but I was like, “Is that rude?”

DARA: Oh, that would be kind of chic, especially right here in the middle.

CARLSON: They made it a little too cozy.

DARA: How’s life?

CARLSON: Life’s good.

DARA: Did you just get into London?

CARLSON: I got in two days ago, but I’ve been so jet-lagged. I’ve been sleeping all day and then just staying up all night. So I’m a little delusional, but I love it.

DARA: Can you tell me about your look today? What’s the vibe?

CARLSON: It feels very… “Me for Burberry.” It’s a cute dress. I love the color of this. It’s like, buttery, isn’t it?

DARA: It’s a good coat.

Devon Lee Carlson

CARLSON: And what I really love is that it’s like, green and yellow, then my shoes are green and yellow.

DARA: Wait, wait, wait. We’re glazing over this shoe.

CARLSON: Oh, yeah.

DARA: What is this crazy shoe?

CARLSON: Insane, right?

DARA: Fuzzy slipper.

CARLSON: It kind of looks like Dr. Seuss.

DARA: Yeah. It’s very Seussical.

CARLSON: Straight from Whoville.

DARA: The color palette’s strong. What’d you think of the show?

CARLSON: I thought it was really good. The music is always what I appreciate first. Amy Winehouse, you can’t go wrong.

DARA: It was really emotional, actually.

CARLSON: It was. If I was in London, I would have that playing in my headphones and I would be wanting to wear all of the outfits that they had. Everyone was fresh-faced, beautiful hair, makeup, gorgeous, cozy coats. It just felt like you could be outside in every single one of those looks, you know?

DARA: Yeah. Really classic British, which I kind of love.

Devon Lee Carlson

CARLSON: Professional, but fun.

DARA: I was excited to see it, because I feel like the past few seasons have been more colorful, more fun, more kooky. Did you have a favorite look?

CARLSON: I did. I took pictures of them.

DARA: Oh wait, I want to see.

CARLSON: I’m obsessed with these red boots, the wedge.

DARA: Oh my god! I was too busy taking all this content that I blacked out.

CARLSON: I love this look. I just feel like I would want to wear that. It’s so cute.

Devon Lee Carlson

DARA: Yeah. I don’t know if you’re an obsessive model girl like that, but Agyness Deyn, Lily Donaldson, all the classic Burberry girls…

CARLSON: They looked beautiful.

DARA: I was gagged.

CARLSON: I really loved it. The more I talk about it, the more I’m like, “Oh my god, it was really good.” Me and my boyfriend sat next to each other and he just kept going, “I would wear that.”

DARA: When the boyfriend likes it, it’s kind of the best review…

CARLSON: I know. The one that was red within the hood, I was literally like, “That’s boyfriend-wearable.”

DARA: Are you going to the after party?

CARLSON: I am, obviously.

DARA: What’s the best time to show up to the after party?

CARLSON: Well, the after party is actually in my hotel, so…

DARA: Oh my god. You can go up and down.

CARLSON: I’m never leaving.