Burberry Spring 2024 Is Strictly for the Glamor Queens

It’s time for another Burberry spiral, and this time we’re giving head-to-toe city glamour in Daniel Lee’s Spring 2024 collection for the British brand that just gets better with age. When a rack of check purses and leather booties rolled into the Interview office, our fashion director and social media editor couldn’t resist taking them for a spin downtown. From dangerous-looking gold earrings to faux fur-collared coats, it’s giving main character energy.


DARA: We’ve got these cool new Spring ‘24 Burberry looks.

JULIAN RIBEIRO: Giving us check realness.

DARA: We love the classic Burberry check, and I like that you can get all the colors. We’re getting pink and yellow, pink lemonade. We’re getting forest green, we’re getting denim with the red. 

RIBEIRO: I love the wine colored booties with the two zippers. Those zip openings are really nice. I like the pink furry Knight Bag with the matching pink furry tail and earmuffs.

DARA: You’re full head-to-bag glam. That’s adorable. I can see the girls wearing that bag and pumping down the street in New York, having every girl on TikTok fully jealous.

RIBEIRO: It’s very cute and pink and I love it. 

DARA: It’s good with the head-to-toe pink lemonade look with the matching tights. I love a head-to-toe where every inch of you is covered in that look. It’s like when people have curtains that match the wallpaper that matches the pillows.

RIBEIRO: This tie is an underrated item.

DARA: If a guy at the bar is coming up to you with a checked Burberry tie, you’re taking the drink.

RIBEIRO: Yeah, you’re folding.

DARA: You’re giving him your number. 

RIBEIRO: I love the black trench coat with the big furry neck.

DARA: That’s the one I’d buy.

RIBEIRO: It feels very Bond movie. It’s really classy. There’s a glamour element here.

DARA: Which I’m absolutely here for, as a strong proponent of glamour.

RIBEIRO: Look at the big gold earrings with the two… 

DARA: I don’t know what you call them, but they look really dangerous. 

RIBEIRO: It’s a good going out moment. I feel strongly about the yellow shoes with the pink bow.

DARA: You know what’s really nasty and major about all these shoes is the bottoms. The bottoms of all the shoes have the Burberry logo all over. Even when you put your foot up, you’re serving.

RIBEIRO: It feels luxurious. 

DARA: You’re telling a full story, down to the bottom of your shoe. The puffer boots are good too, with the plaid coat.

RIBEIRO: They look satisfying. It’s all about the texture.

DARA: Your foot would get really warm. There’s a lot of fierce and heavy things to warm you up in the cold. The thing about spring is that you’re going to be wearing your tank tops and shorts because it’s May, but it’s actually still freezing. And the puffer boots are going to keep you going, because they’re in a fun color for spring.

RIBEIRO: They would be cute with shorts.

DARA: If you want that full transitional weather look.

RIBEIRO: In New York, it’s 20 degrees until it’s 90 degrees. And I love the furry clutch bag. You don’t usually see clutches in fur, and it makes a great noise, as we learned. 

DARA: With a super simple trench coat, that’s like, “I’m going to gag a lot.” Because that’s just far too much. 

RIBEIRO: In a great way. 

DARA: It’s far too much and completely enough.

RIBEIRO: Burberry nails the faux fur every time.

DARA: Is that faux? It looks so real. I love that because I’m not trying to have anybody throw paint on me, but like, you almost would get paint thrown on you.

RIBEIRO: That’s the drama it brings. 

DARA: You’re looking a little evil, and that’s what you want when you’re wearing a little furry clutch.

RIBEIRO: I like the green and yellow heels with the fringe. They’re very festive.

DARA: Fringe is always great on the dance floor, and that would be very fun to dance in.

RIBEIRO: It’s a little street sweeper. It’s a New York classic.

DARA: Oh my gosh. And there’s the Rose Clutch. It’s very trendy to be wearing a rose right now, and this is a good way to do it without being full Carrie Bradshaw flower pin.

RIBEIRO: What’s Carrie Bradshaw adding into her rotation?

DARA: I think she’s definitely wearing a Rose Clutch, she’s definitely wearing fringe shoe, and she’s definitely, definitely doing pink earmuffs.

RIBEIRO: I think that she needs the full green look.

DARA: You’re seeing green for SJP.

RIBEIRO: I see green. Well, we have a party to get to.

DARA: Maybe I’ll rock this Burberry fringe heel.

RIBEIRO: Let’s keep it fierce boots.