Tavi is Definitely Young at Heart




It’s surreal to hear a 15-year-old crooning the Neil Young classic “Heart of Gold”—the chorus ends, of course, with the resigned declaration, “And I’m getting old”—but it was strangely appropriate coming from the tiny mouth of Tavi Gevinson last night at The Standard East Village. It has, after all, been four long years—or 28 fashion years—since the wunderkind started her blog, Style Rookie. (And she has a magazine now—online only, but still!)

In addition to these endeavors, Gevinson stars in the new animated short film Cadaver with Christopher Lloyd and Kathy Bates, the premiere of which was the cause for last night’s celebration. Gevinson’s involvement came through the film’s director, Jonah Ansell. “Jonah and I are old-school family friends, from the synagogue, so he e-mailed me, and I said yes!” she said.

Gevinson will be heading home to Illinois on Wednesday morning, but in the meantime she’s staying up late with the rest of us. When we spoke, a little past midnight, she was settled in, and someone passed her a drink.

She examined its many fruity garnishes—maybe a little overkill. “Is this a Shirley Temple?” she asked.