Alexandria Symonds

Kindness Returns

November 11, 2014

In considering the two years that have passed since Kindness’ debut album, World, You Need a Change of Mind, it’s tempting to draw a connection between that title and the opening lyrics of Otherness, his sophomore album: “I felt the world restart; I felt the world begin.”


November 7, 2014

From a secluded cabin in portugal, the lo-fi folk songwriter sends her beautifully airy sound even higher.

Loveâ??s Rhythms

October 20, 2014

What’s more romantic: being swept off your feet or planting them firmly on the ground next to the object of your affection?

Chef Enrique Olvera Goes North of the Border

October 14, 2014

The menu at Cosme will adapt Chef Enrique Olvera’s signature style of elevated and reimagined traditional Mexican cuisine to its surroundings: it’s of the utmost importance to Olvera to source his ingredients locally.

Notes from the Field

October 5, 2014

“Field Report” is an anagram of the last name of its frontman, Chris Porterfield. But it’s an apt name anyway for his alt-folk project, whose lyrics are often so closely observed as to feel like notes written on assignment.

Caitlin Moran’s Girl Uninterrupted

October 2, 2014

When we met Caitlin Moran in the “Narnia room” at her publisher’s office in downtown Manhattan to discuss How to Build a Girl, she was dressed not unlike she might have been back in her days as a precocious teenaged music reviewer—flannel shirt, cutoff jeans, tights, and boots—and she immediately swept us into a big hug.

Electric Youth

October 1, 2014

The electro duo that scored Ryan Gosling’s heroic cinematic moment debuts a full-length get-down.


September 25, 2014

The worldly singer had a hot single last fall. Now she’s turning it up for her breakout debut.

Christopher Kane

September 18, 2014

For Spring/Summer 2015, Christopher Kane is pulling strings—literally.

Jonathan Saunders

September 18, 2014

The Jonathan Saunders woman arrived into the Spring/Summer 2015 season all wrapped up like a gift.

Get Down

September 18, 2014

Since the dissolution of LCD Soundsystem in 2011, its erstwhile vocalist and keyboardist Nancy Whang has kept busy: she regularly DJs, guests on tracks by friends Classixx and Shit Robot, and records as one half of electro-disco act the Juan MacLean

Double Tap This

September 15, 2014

Interview has teamed up with our pals at art and design non-profit BOFFO to support ❤ Like, a project conducted entirely through BOFFO’s Instagram (and ours).

Like Dancing About a Radio Show

September 10, 2014

When we went to interview Ira Glass at the New York studio of his phenomenally popular radio show, This American Life, he made a kind gesture midway through his first answer: he pulled the lever on his office chair to bring it down a bit, so we’d be at eye level.

Miranda July Wants You to Love Somebody

August 29, 2014

Leave it to Miranda July, with the support of equally ever-original Miu Miu, to come up with something totally unexpected: Somebody, an app that actually prompts—gasp!genuine human interaction.

A Stillman in Paris

August 27, 2014

“I feel no anxiety of influence,” explains Whit Stillman—writer, director, chronicler and coiner of the UHB—about his decision to set his new television show, The Cosmopolitans, among a group of young, attractive American expats in Paris.

Merchandise’s End Notes

August 26, 2014

Despite its title, Merchandise’s After the End isn’t an explicitly post-apocalyptic album—except in the sense, maybe, of a personal apocalypse.


August 25, 2014

If your Spotify recommendations have had you doing double takes lately, it’s with good reason: A spate of musicians have, of late, adopted groan-worthy pun homages as their stage names.

Exclusive Album Premiere: ‘You Will Eventually Be Forgotten,’ Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)

August 13, 2014

Throughout the 11 songs that comprise the new LP from Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), You Will Eventually Be Forgotten, which we’re pleased to premiere in full, quotidian tragedies are properly mourned by Keith Latinen’s keening vocals.

Exclusive Song Premiere: ‘#13,’ AroarA

August 7, 2014

For its debut full-length, the self-described “faux-folk ghost science” duo AroarA (comprised of Broken Social Scene’s Andrew Whiteman and his wife Ariel Engle) found inspiration someplace unexpected: in the work of avant-garde poet Alice Notley.

The Upshot of Adult Jazz

August 6, 2014

Adult Jazz treats traditional pop structure as a starting point to be diverged from as often and as creatively as possible.