With Nada Hudson, Art Heads Upstream


With successful franchises in Miami and Cologne, this weekend the New Art Dealers Alliance hosts its second art fair in Hudson, NY. From July 28-29, the Basilica Hudson, a retired factory, will host 48 contemporary artists representing 48 galleries. Each shows a single work in the Basilica’s indoor, exhibition or outdoor space. Charlotte Walters, NADA’s program coordinator, told us, “This is not an art fair—but an open platform exhibition. Since it’s not an art fair, the event is not sales driven. While the works are for sale, it’s not necessarily the goal. “

Work populating the main gallery includes artists Elena Herzog from LMAK Projects, Ned Colclough from Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, Marianne Vitale from Zach Feuer Gallery, Jerry Blackman from toomer labdza, and a looping video gallery curated by NADA member Grela Orihuela.

Artists Cal Lane from Benrimon Contemporary, Lizzie Wright from REGINA REX, and David Davidson from ADA Gallery will feature work outside. Ann Liv Young will perform as her alter ego, Sherry, in Sherry Tent Revival. Occasionally controversial, Young’s opinionated Sherry has performed at PS1/MoMA and the Abrons Art Center and has her own resume and food truck. During Sherry Tent Revival, Sherry will offer therapy for couples and individuals and “hands on help for healthier living.” If you want to leave with more than memories, sculptural coffees, handmade slushies and “Sherry” relics like used sets and vintage items are all for sale. Sherry promises a healing show, pleading us to “come by and visit. You won’t forget it even if you want to.”

For a retreat within a retreat, take the free shuttle to Olana, Fredric Church’s historical mansion overlooking the Hudson Valley. At Olana, enjoy a glass of wine, visit Church’s studio, and hear about Olana’s history from curators and contemporary artist Valerie Hegarty.

Supplementary events at NADA Hudson include a sense-based art tour for children ages five and up, pop up galleries, auctions, musical performances, open studios and a donation based farm-to-picnic meal.