Lizzo on God, the American Dream, and the Smell of Gasoline

From marriage to makeup to mushrooms, the champion of self-love spills all the juice.

INTO: yard666sale’s Phantasmatic, Nightmarish Club Camp

Emblazoned with phrases like “j’adore dick,” these are not your grandmother’s silk teddies.

How Monos Composer Mica Levi Plans To Survive the Apocalypse

The composer and musician tells us what she's listening to now and how a good score can transform your wardrobe.

The Immersive Play As Much As I Can Blurs Reality with Fantasy

Playwright Sarah Hall explains how her immersive show at the Public Theater explores the murky taboos that come with an HIV status for black gay men.

A Deeply Superficial Sleepover at the Plaza Hotel

Lounging and loitering around The Plaza Hotel, with Saint Laurent and some back issues of Interview.

Six Clowns On Stephen King’s It

Stephen King's infamous villain has been terrorizing readers and viewers alike for decades, but what do professional clowns have to say about Pennywise?

Gary Hume Paints the Beauty of What’s Left Behind

In his new exhibition, Destroyed School Paintings, the artist extends into the nebulous atmosphere of empathy and memory.

No Sesso Wants You to Rescue Yourself

No Sesso presented a collection built on the ideals of self-protection, independence, and of course freedom.

Paul Jasmin Doesn’t Want Famous Friends (Unless You’re Judy Garland)

The photographer and Interview contributor speaks about his friendship with Judy Garland and why instant gratification is overrated.

Benjamin Moser and Gary Indiana On the Dark Brilliance of Susan Sontag

The book of the season is an 832-page brick about the most confounding essayist in American history—and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Fabrizio Massimiani Takes What’s Old and Makes It New Again

Fabrizio Massimiani reimagines vintage photographs from Interview with a flair of Saint Laurent.

Alex G Is No Kid in a Candy Store

His new album is a Grimm-inflected sonic fairytale of money, sin, and sugar.

David Alexander Flinn Seeks A Different Kind of Attention

David Alexander Flinn tells us what he learned from being a construction worker and how he learned to let go of control.

Max Hooper Schneider’s Sculptures May or May Not Include a Dead Mouse

In the past, he has exhibited vitrines filled with algae-like lingerie and starfish submerged in murky water.

Tracee Ellis Ross, Martha Stewart, and an Inexplicable Tomato Plant: This Week’s NYC Celeb News Map

Tracking the stars, and other famous-ish things, making news across New York City this week–from Martha Stewart selfies at the US Open to Tracee Ellis Ross' fashion week stylings.