Contemporary Art Hates John Waters

by Rob Pruitt
photography by Gus&Lo

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Fall’s most ubiquitous accessory is a Juul

photography by Philippe Jarrigeon

Richard Habberley on his new book of snapshots that captured a decade of sleepless nights

The famed agent and congenial former club kids tells us tales about the photographs collected in his new book, 'Memorabilia'.

Performance artist Mette Ingvartsen is a student of the (sometimes) sinister history of human sexuality

The Danish performance artist puts our private sex lives and pornographic fantasies on full, uninhibited display.

Ashley Graham’s gives us four of her best #fitlife tips

Supermodel Ashley Graham works out five times a week while 7.3 million followers watch along. Here are four of her best tips for living your own #fitlife, no matter your follower count.

Jennifer Jason Leigh can be fearless because it’s pretend

In the course of her four-decade career, Jennifer Jason Leigh has played an urbane satirist, a Civil War–era fugitive, and a stalker from the classifieds. Now, the 56-year-old, Oscar-nominated actress and her friend, former co-star Phoebe Cates, go back to where it all started—in 1982, at Ridgemont High.

The Actual Real Housewives of New York Dish On Their TV Doppelgängers

The Bravo reality series that aired its first season in 2008 has jackhammered through the façade of uptown Manhattan, a milieu once known for its exclusivity and discretion. But what do the real-life women who reside there think about their TV counterparts? 

Actress Mia Goth and Luca Guadagnino reenact her Suspiria audition

A Los Angeles–based Canadian ingénue with a British-ish accent who feels teleported from the future yet calls to mind a young Shelley Duvall? No wonder her mother named her Mia Gypsy Mello da Silva Goth.

Batsheva is a womenswear label taking cues from Laura Ashley bedsheets and the Amish

Batsheva Hay's new line of dresses could be described as "Prairie Core," but that's her term, not ours.

Restaurateurs Danny Bowien and Mr. Chow compare notes on Chinese food and the truth of a dish

Restaurateurs Danny Bowien and Michael “M” Chow compare notes on Chinese food, the truth of a dish, and why, even though it might not be a fine art, cooking is at least as good as architecture.

ViewGuy Derek Chadwick hates hot coffee but loves how we parted his hair

The Los Angeles–based model, actor, and emerging musician has 303,000 Instagram followers and counting. He celebrated his 23rd birthday the day before this photograph was taken. Here, five other things about our September ViewGuy that you should know.