To Amen Dunes and Patti Harrison, Comedians and Musicians Are Kindred Spirits

Kit Kat


“Split ‘Em and Dive In”: Meet the Kit Kats Who Brought Cabaret Back to Broadway

by Interview


Ashleah Gonzales Made Kendall Jenner a Literary It-Girl. Now, She’s a Published Poet.

by Greta Rainbow


“Classy Vampire Chic”: Lyas Reviews the New Cronenberg Film at Cannes

by Jake Nevins


How Maia Novi Turned Her Mental Breakdown Into the Season’s Buzziest Play

by Juan A. Ramírez
a. g. cook


A. G. Cook on EDM Bros, British Snark, and Rihanna’s Comeback

by Matt Copson


Steven T. Hanley of @DeeperMovies Plays Fuck, Marry, Kill With the Challengers Trio

by Emily Sandstrom


“Psychedelic Cowboy Daydream”: Celine Homme Winter 24 Goes West

May 21, 2024

“Well, that’s rock n’ roll.”


Shannon & the Clams Made a Playlist You’ll Want to Send to Your Lover

May 21, 2024

For this week’s SOUND ADVICE, the Oakland-based garage punk band sent us into astral depths to celebrate their new album, “The Moon is in the Wrong Place.”


“I Want to Be on Top”: Empress Of, in Conversation With Melissa Barrera

May 20, 2024

The polymath artist got together with the slasher star to talk about her new album, “For Your Consideration,” and learning from the strength of their Latino mothers.


“What Does It Mean to Have Survived?”: Lyle Ashton Harris, in Conversation With Ryan McGinley

May 20, 2024

Before opening his sprawling mid-career retrospective at Queens Museum, the 59-year-old artist talked art, activism, and acupuncture with his friend Ryan McGinley.



The Chefs at Bōm Give Us a Lesson in Fine Dining Korean-Style

May 20, 2024

Brian Kim, the award-winning brains behind Oiji Mi and now Bōm, shares the secret to drying, fermenting, and cooking wagyu, Korean-style.


Meet The Bad Manners, the Downtown Club Kids Turned Post-Punk Trio

May 20, 2024

Before they dropped their debut single “NO PAIN,” we spent the day with Jazzelle Zanaughtti, John Muller, and Jean Carlos Pina, the downtown scenesters who joined forces to make a band.


“Twinks Are Persisting”: A Ten-Minute Cig With Club Rash Boss Jen Sillen

May 16, 2024

For this week’s edition of Smoke Break, we lit one up with the nightclub don diva who recently revived Bushwick hotspot Rash after an arson attack left the club in ruins.


Bruce LaBruce on Gen Z, GHB, and Double Penetration

May 16, 2024

In this week’s Rorschach Test, the artist and pornographer sounds off on Pride Month, steam rooms, campus protests, and his “deep sexual fetish for rough trade.”


For Jane Schoenbrun And Richard Kelly, Making Movies Is a Religious Experience

May 16, 2024

The director of the coming-of-age film “I Saw The TV Glow” talks to their idol Richard Kelly about suburban youth and making movies in an era of “Marvel hegemony.”


BLP Kosher Will Sign Your Positive Pregnancy Test

May 15, 2024

In this week’s Tour Diary, the NJB of Florida rap takes us behind the scenes of his headlining tour, from getting detained at the Canadian border to living on a bus full of Hot Funyuns.


In Her New Story Collection, Author Pemi Aguda Invites Readers For a Haunting

May 15, 2024

“I have not experienced ghosts personally, but perhaps my stories are an invitation to them,” says the author of “Ghostroots,” a collection of haunted stories set in her native Lagos.


Tom Krell of How to Dress Well Is Pop Music’s Resident Philosopher

May 14, 2024

In this week’s SOUND ADVICE, the multimedia artist rang in the release of his new album by curating us a playlist of his faves: Mariah Carey, 1010benja, and Nirvana.


“There’s a Massive Disco Ball”: Alexa Chung Reviews Gucci Cruise 2025

May 14, 2024

After Sabato de Sarno’s first Cruise collection for Gucci, we recapped the show with fashion’s favorite it-girl, from the suede jackets down to the dreamy ballet flats.


“We’re Trauma Bonding”: Kathleen Hanna, In Conversation With Brontez Purnell

May 14, 2024

Before publishing her memoir “Rebel Girl: My Life as a Feminist Punk,” the Bikini Kill singer looked back at her place in the Riot Grrrl movement with fellow punk rocker Brontez Purnell.


Lucky DeBellevue Paints the Sexy, Tortured Worlds of Rainer Werner Fassbinder

May 13, 2024

“I didn’t want to shy away from sexuality,” says the downtown painter, who painted stills from a number of the German director’s films for his new solo exhibition.


“Music Is an Act of Service”: Willow Smith, In Conversation With St. Vincent

May 13, 2024

After dropping their respective albums, the musicians linked to discuss self-love, self-producing, and why you don’t have to earn money from your art to truly be an artist.


“Flick That Bean”: One Night in Times Square With Blizzy Mcguire

May 10, 2024

Ten days before bottom surgery, the professional Twitter troll joined us at The Edition to talk gooners, furries, New York gays, and life as a Long Island Italian legend.


For Artist Diedrick Brackens, Weaving Is An Act of Religion

May 10, 2024

“Ritual in some sense is about repetition, and repetition is a holy act,” says the 35-year old artist about what drives his textile practice.


“You Ghosted Andy Warhol”: Magdalena Wosinska, in Conversation With Christopher Makos

May 10, 2024

The two photographers got on Zoom to talk about celebrity egos, making it in Tinseltown, and Wosinska’s new book “Fulfill the Dream,” a document of the 90s skate scene.


Joanna Arnow Tells Sean Baker How to Direct a Movie While Getting Spanked

May 10, 2024

The director of “The Feeling That the Time for Doing Something Has Passed” got on Zoom with fellow filmmaker Sean Baker to talk Letterbox’d, BDSM, and working with her parents.