Alison Brie and Dave Franco Can Still Surprise Each Other

At home with the married couple, in honor of Brie's star turn in her husband's directorial debut, The Rental. So this is what marital bliss looks like.

Stan Parish on the Real-Crime Heist Spots That Inspired His New Novel

The novelist takes us on a tour of some of the criminal influences that appear in his new novel "Love and Theft."

Thirstory: Back in the Saddle with Bianca Jagger

This week, we do the hustle with the Nicaraguan model's Disco-era appearances in the magazine.

Exit Poll: ‘Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets’ Raises a Glass to Bars Everywhere

If you're missing the grimy embrace of your favorite neighborhood bar, the Ross brothers' latest film drinks to you.

Hannibal Buress and Flying Lotus Sweat the Details

The comedian caught up with his producer friend following his YouTube special "Miami Nights" to discuss overthinking and adderall.

“This Got Real Deep”: They. and Tinashe Tell Us How to Make Music That Heals and Relationships That Last

The hip-hop duo got on a Zoom call with their "Play Fight" collaborator to talk relationships, Black happiness, and girls named Amanda.

Leon Neyfakh Takes On This Turning Point in American History

The "Fiasco" podcaster has made a career of our nation's most tumultuous tides. Who better to consult for some much-needed guidance?

Talk Hole: The Tara Reid Tell-All

Tara Reid (no, not that one) joins the column to talk Biden, boyfriends, and booking movie roles via LinkedIn.

Tei Shi Found Herself Making Dance Music for the End of The World

Tei Shi's EP "Die 4 Ur Love" explores fear, loss, pain, disappointment, and impending doom. Here's her soundtrack for all of that and more.

With “Men,” Bottega Veneta’s Daniel Lee Reshapes Modern Masculinity

The fashion house's Creative Director teamed up with pioneering photographer Tyrone Lebon to create a stirring meditation on manliness.

Protomartyr May Have Predicted 2020

Their new album, "Ultimate Success Today," is a prescient peek at our dystopian present.

The Deranged Whimsy of Artist Canyon Castator

The emerging L.A. artist paints dystopian allegories in pop color.

Thirstory: The Timeless Allure of Alec Baldwin

On the recent "30 Rock: A One-Time Special," Alec Baldwin looked as fetching he did on our cover in 1989.

Ask A Sane Person: Marjorie Garber Questions America’s Character

A fitting cultural scholar to lead us through these tragic times. 

The Girls From The Aces Are Exploring New (and Queer) Emotions

The indie rock outfit makes music about girls, for girls, and for girls who like girls.

Colin Jost Tells Natalie Portman About His New Book and SNL’s Uncertain Future

The Weekend Update anchor and movie star discuss the upcoming election, procrastination, and the tricky business of memoir-writing.

Meet Oliver Malcolm The UK’s Most Talented Bad Boy

The funky visionary 20-year-old from London is here to make noise and spread love with "The Machine," from his upcoming EP.

Peter Berlin and Sean Ford Contemplate the Freedom and Performance of Gay Sex

The gay performers discuss why monogamy is a waste of time. 

Joel McHale and Ken Jeong Look for Light in the Darkest Timeline

The "Community" co-stars take a teary-eyed trip down memory lane.

Ask a Sane Person: Jack Halberstam Isn’t Here to Comfort You

The radical social thinker whose critiques have transformed our notions of queer theory and representation has never shied away from necessary battles.

Thirstory: Getting Down and Dirty with Zac Efron

This week in thirstory: a dirty, flirty shoot with the sustainable sex god.

Talk Hole: The Karen Kolumn

Our columnists take a trip to Karenland—and kancel the kops.

Watch the Rapper Saweetie Review Some Bomb-Ass Bags

The Icy Grl reacts to the best new bags of the season, including a Moschino Slurpee, a Loewe mermaid bucket, and an MCM puppy purse.

Thirstory: That Time Madonna Was Almost Arrested for Simulating Masturbation

The Material Girl shows why she's been on our cover more than anyone else.

Phoebe Bridgers and Brandon Flowers on Transformation and Talking Shit

The singer-songwriter and The Killers frontman discuss apologizing to John Mayer, playing for festival moms, and that skeleton suit.

Ask a Sane Person: Jia Tolentino on Practicing the Discipline of Hope

"I want the courage to need very little and demand a lot."

Five Works of Art That Warped the Mind of the Writer John Fram

His new book, "The Bright Lands," is a queer, literary, western, horror, gothic, football, mystery quest.

Coffee Table Curator: Skateboards, Saint Laurent, and Song Flowers

For when restaurants are reopening for outdoor dining but you’d rather order takeout and enjoy culture from indoors anyway. 

Ric Wilson Is Listening to Stevie Wonder, Big Freedia, and Everything “Very, Very Black”

The Chicago rapper's latest track, "Fight Like Ida B. & Marsha P." is a history lesson coated in a honey-thick beat.

“Everyone Is in for a Mind-Blowing Time”: A Not-So-Serious Guide to Surviving Mercury in Retrograde

A Sanctuary astrologer gives us suggestions, from the reasonable to the obscenely wild, on riding the energy wave.

Ask a Sane Person: David Shimer on the 2020 Election and Russian Interference

In his new book, the journalist paints a sweeping social-political panorama of the ways in which Russia has influenced American democracy.

Thirstory: Diana Ross Is the Boss

We revisit a cover shoot so hot that it broke every sales record in Interview's history.

“I Was Born for This Time”: Angelica Ross Is Black, Trans, and Fearless

After a busy Pride month, the actor and activist speaks with journalist Raquel Willis to reflect on the joy of being Black and trans, and the challenges that remain for the community.