The One Where Jennifer Aniston Gets Grilled by Sandra Bullock

America’s Sweethearts on brown liquor, past boyfriends, and playing more than just the hot mom.

hot chocolate

The World According to Karen Finley

by Kembra Pfahler


Moses Sumney Is Getting Busy

by Sarah Nechamkin

Yola Is Listening To Lady Gaga, Emmylou Harris, and Plenty Of Salt-N-Pepa

Ever wondered what to listen to before getting onstage in front of hundreds of people? Yola has a playlist for that.

Gladys Nilsson Paints Like She People-Watches

On the occasion of her new retrospective "Honk!", the artist introduces us to her whimsical Day-Glo characters.

Lana Condor and Ali Wong Will Not Be Taking Questions At This Time

Lara Jean is tired of talking about boys; the two friends tackle the real issues: How to make the perfect tomato sauce?

The Author Tomasz Jedrowski Keeps Coming Back to Giovanni’s Room

Poland in the 1980s shines a light on the gay love story at the heart of the author's debut novel "Swimming in the Dark."

How Café Forgot is Healing New York’s Retail Landscape

Behind the doors of the sustainable, community-oriented pop-up shop that's taking daydreams seriously.

Artist Jana Euler Brings Her Phallic Sharks to New York

Are they symbols of unhinged toxic masculinity, or a celebration of insatiable sexual appetites?

R. Eric Thomas is Ducking Corners in Heaven

The Elle columnist and author of the forthcoming essay collection "Here For It" on why heaven is for everyone and the suburbs are not.

Tracy Letts Tells Greta Gerwig About the Horror of A Town Hall Meeting

The "Little Women" director and the "August: Osage County" playwright chew over his new play, "The Minutes."

Devon Carlson Takes Us Behind the Scenes at Ricardo Tisci’s Burberry Show

The SoCal entrepreneur cosplays as a Brit during London Fashion Week. Cheerio!

Don’t Put Your Hat on Julia Fox’s Bed

The superstitions of the "Uncut Gems" breakout range from the generic to the esoteric and everywhere in between.

Dasha Nekrasova Believes in God, Wellbutrin, and Sigmund Freud

The filmmaker and socialist socialite tells us why she flies business class, goes to church, and still wants to get married.

Clairo and Mura Masa On the Agony and Ecstasy of Being Young

The musicians and friends wax philosophic on nostalgia, Billie Eilish, and Instagram filters.

Exit Poll: “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” Finally Leaves Women Alone

Céline Sciamma's latest film proves, once and for all, that women really are better. Please leave us alone.

Artist Dan Colen Has A Farm

The artist discusses his mission to feed the less fortunate and how it inspired his new tie-dye capsule collection.

Angelyne Interviewed by Paris Hilton? That’s Hot

Hollywood's beloved billboard blonde knows no one will ever play Angelyne as well as Angelyne plays Angelyne.

Diplo Tries on 15 Bootcut Pants in 15 Minutes

The DJ and producer fully embraces his first (but not last) 15 minutes of country music fame—bootcut style.

Kim Shui Sells Bruce Lee By the Seashore: The Designer’s 2020 Mood Board

From Bruce Lee to bodycon, the buzzy designer walks us through the inspirations for her latest collection at NYFW.

Tennis is Sailing Away to Paul Simon, Angel Olsen, and the Verve

In honor of their new album "Swimmer," the royal couple of shag rug bedroom pop nixes a road trip playlist and gives us songs to sail to.

Normani Is Never Not Dancing

Life in the PFH (Post-Fifth Harmony) era is about candles, comfortable clothes, and conversations you can dance during. This is one of them.

Okay Kaya Has Come A Long Way From Guitar Center

The Norwegian model-turned-musician spends 48 minutes talking about her fears, regrets, and dreams in which she eats her own twin.

The World, According to Christopher John Rogers: Glamour, Color, and Trash Bags

Going backstage at the NYFW show of Christopher John Rogers, where drama, fantasy, and high-femme energy reigned supreme.

Luke James Loves Coca-Cola, A Goofy Movie, and, Well, Love

With a new album out and an upcoming role in Lena Waithe's series "The Chi," R&B's softest crooner just wants to be loved.

Ezra Furman Is Listening (And Crying) To Sharon Van Etten, Cat Power, and The Pixies

The musician shares her earliest musical memories and sounds off on Paul Ryan's musical taste.

Jenny Offill Stays Earnest in the Face of Fatalism

With "Weather," the sharp-witted author grapples with the zeitgeist of a pre-apocalyptic world.

Kumail Nanjiani on Carbs, Cheat Days, and Going Viral

A face-to-face with the head attached to the torso that nearly broke the internet.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Tells Jason Momoa About His Extremely Busy Year

It's a rematch between Aquaman and Black Manta, only bro-ier.

Ken Jennings Talks Buzzer Strategy, Marvel Movies, and Alex Trebek

Inside the packed mind of the "Jeopardy!" GOAT and Superman of trivia.

The Moment the Oscars Lost Themselves

Why was Eminem there? To perform "Lose Yourself," apparently, the timely, undeniable hit song of 2020.

Phillip Youmans and Benh Zeitlin on Filmmaking, Curiosity, and New Orleans

"It's almost pointless to try to separate ourselves from our writing. It already happened, you know? Our writing is infused with us, no matter what."

And Then We Danced Director Levan Akin on Revolutions and Robyn

The director of the controversial Georgian gay romance on the power of ABBA and filming on the fly.

Zero Waste Daniel Gave Fashion A Funeral

Daniel Silverstein is the sustainable designer who dared to give the industry a proper Fashion Week funeral.