Catherine Cohen and Alan Cumming Talk Boys, Balls, and World Domination

Over haloumi eggs and hummus, the comedian-on-the-rise gets some pro tips from the most fun man in showbiz (besides maybe Stanley Tucci).

INTO: Gary Card’s Clown-Laden Psychedelic Fever Dream

The designer's takeover of the Phillips auction house in London is brimming with clown faces dripping molten paint, Tim Burton-esque Play-Doh dogs, and Cindy Sherman.

Doug Aitken’s Mesmeric, Metallic, Hot-Air Balloon Odyssey

The airborne sculpture, launched from Martha's Vineyard by the artist Doug Aiken, will travel across the state of Massachusetts this month.

The Best Boutiques of Downtown Manhattan, Ranked Solely By Their Free Beverages

Because you never know when you’ll be fashionably dehydrated. 

Smelling Notes: Sniffing Out Summer’s Freshest Books for Every Kind of Voyage

Eight book and perfume pairings for every kind of summer vacation—whether a girls' trip, a bros' trip, or an ego trip.

Pete Davidson, Rashida Jones, and a Human Leg (and Other Stray Body Parts): This Week’s NYC Celeb News Map

Tracking the stars, and other famous-ish things, making news across New York City, from Bill Murray at "Burn This" to Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones at a fitness class.

Alison Mosshart Shows Us the Secret of the Opera Window

In her new book Car Ma , the frontwoman of The Kills takes a drive through her kaleidoscopic collages of the American automobile.

Skipping Down Virgil Abloh and Vitra’s Orange Brick Road

"TWENTYTHIRTYFIVE," the new collaboration between Vitra and Virgil Abloh, looks like the bachelor pad of the future.

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib Are Down With Vegan Burgers, but Maybe Not Vegan Kielbasas

Underground hip-hop's favorite duo gives their gut feelings on everything from zebras to black holes ("That's some 'Avengers' shit.")

Awkwafina Plans Her Own Funeral

The star of "The Farewell" prepares for her own farewell, complete with Henny Coladas, Steve Buscemi, and, of course, Awkwafina merch.

Getting Objectum-Sexual in Mexico with Jeff Koons and Marcel Duchamp

An exhibit reminds us that the two artists' shared interest in the sexual presence of things is not only what binds them together, it's the connective tissue of society itself.

Denise Scott Brown Thinks “Tacky” is A Term of Endearment

A new book by the legendary architect proves the Los Angeles cityscape is just as gloriously unhinged as ever.

The “Big Little Lies” Therapist is the Delphine Oracle of Monterey

Dr. Amanda Reisman is the human embodiment of a West Elm chair, or the zen tidal wave one incurs after a singular guided meditation.

Petra Collins Can’t Stop Using the Snapchat Baby Filter

The photographer discusses her new book, skin suits, and the blurred reality of the internet age.

Meet Bodega, A Bushwick Band in Paris

Hedi Slimane's latest muse on what makes a real bodega (it involves regrettable beers).