Red hot New York label Lorod made us a mood board of their Western influences

The design duo explained how William Eggleston, Judy Garland, and the "real Lone Ranger" inspired their latest collection.

Gary Oldman

As awards buzz swells around his recent portrayal of Winston Churchill, the iconic British actor reflects on why history, now more than ever, is not a thing of the past.

It’s Vicky Krieps, not Daniel Day-Lewis, who is the real star of Phantom Thread

The Luxembourgian actress came out of left field and stole nearly every scene in Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film.

Go behind the scenes of our cover shoot with Eminem

His ninth studio album, Revival, drops today.

Sleight of hand

In Yael Sonia’s fine jewelry collections, nothing is ever static: gem spheres glide through a cage of 18k gold and spinning top stones swing back and forth on a pendulum.

Steven Soderbergh’s newest murder mystery is a choose-your-own-adventure

With Mosaic, the director’s forthcoming HBO show, fans can have a say in how the story unfolds.

DRIVE, She Said

Sleek, sexy lines. Otherworldly shapes. Movement and texture and power and beauty and strength. The season’s most dramatic looks, with a little help from the Lexus LC500, take us back to the future.

Five minutes with Issa Rae at Miami Art Basel

At Gianni Versace’s former mansion, the Insecure star and showrunner revealed her drink of choice (whiskey mixed with prosecco) and whether or not she was #LawrenceHive.

Five iconic looks from the stylist responsible for Lil Kim’s seashell pastie

Misa Hylton defined the style set in the ’90s through her trailblazing work with hip-hop’s heaviest hitters.

Ezra Miller

A sensitive, spiritual superhero? As he prepares to step back into his role as The Flash, the young actor and musician finds his footing as a vital voice of his generation—that is, if you can get on his level.

Alt-pop star SSION made us a Rebirth playlist to celebrate his new single

He picks anthems from Neil Young, George Michael, and Amber Mark that symbolize life returning anew.

The artist duo who found a way to frame light

Hovver—made up of friends Katherine Brice and Chris Lunney—builds mind-bending refracted light installations that awaken our sense of childlike wonder.

The laser and holography expert challenging the limits of light

Matthew Schreiber’s dizzyingly complex laser works draw inspiration from the world of science fiction.

Overheard at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel is not only a hotbed for cutting edge art, it’s also a breeding ground for weird, wild and wacky opinions.

Revisited: Nick Lachey

The 98 Degrees frontman is back with the band for a new Christmas album and 31-city tour. Do you remember when they appeared in our May 2000 issue with Space Puppies?

The designer using data to tackle mass incarceration

Ekene Ijeoma’s layered and socially focused work turns dense data into digestible art.