Finn Wolfhard and Ryan Reynolds Have a Not-So-Serious Conversation

Two of Canada’s most beloved exports discuss the subtle art of not taking art too seriously.

Photographer iO Tillett Wright Has 9,900 Queer Portraits Down, and 100 More To Go

The photographer's cross-country endeavor hopes to capture 10,000 portraits of queer people—and it's almost done.

Up Close and Personal With the Artist Marlene Dumas

To mark the publication of her book, "Marlene Dumas: Myths & Mortals," the painter discusses her life and work with the writer Hilton Als.

Ms. White is Listening to Weyes Blood, Julie London, and Beyoncé Deep Cuts

In which the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter-pianist finds us the most underrated Lana Del Rey album and makes Hot Girl Piano Player a thing.

Rickey Thompson Tells Jameela Jamil How He Became the Most Positive Person on the Internet

The social media phenom talks to one of his biggest fans about proving hatin' ass bitches wrong.

INTO: The Whimsical Beauty of Yayoi Kusama’s Macy’s Day Parade Balloon

The world-renowned Japanese artist, icon, and now balloon designer Yayoi Kusama added her dotted touch to the Turkey Day parade lineup.

Peeling Back the Layers of R&B Duo Emotional Oranges 

With the release of their second album, one-half of the masked duo spills the juice.

Uncut Gems and the Delirious Wonder of the American Schmuck

The Safdie Brothers' much-anticipated Diamond District heist film brings some coked-up mysticism to the age-old tale of the American schmuck. 

Musician No Bra Shares Some Good Reads on Gay Smut and Anti-Capitalism

The German musician gives us something of a holiday gift guide for the anti-consumerist.

Denis Sulta Sings Both Parts in the Elton John and George Michael Duet

Sulta waxes poetic on Channing Tatum, the skinniest jeans he's ever seen, and what makes a house party scarier than the largest crowds he's ever played to. 

Sam Sifton’s Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Is Like Dolly Parton, All Dressed Up for the Opera

The restaurant critic and founding editor of NYT Cooking has some piping hot takes on your Thanksgiving menu.

Photographer Bruce Gilden Takes Us On A Stroll Through A Bygone New York

Each of Gilden's photos, taken between 1978 and 1984, burst with personality and tales of lives long-lived.

In a New Production of an Old Play, Fefu and Her Friends Go Beneath the Surface

The director of the often-read but rarely-seen production turns the inner world of eight women on its head and invites her audience to explore what lives underneath.

INTO: The Incomprehensible Splendor of Lady Gaga and The Muppets Holiday Spectacular

Who else can pull RuPaul, Elton John, and all the Muppets into a Thanksgiving TV special for no reason other than why not?

Knives Out Director Rian Johnson Asks His Cousin Nathan How To Score A Movie

"Knives Out" director Rian Johnson knows most things about moviemaking. Providing the score is not one of them. His cousin and collaborator Nathan Johnson fills him in.

The Man Behind Richard Avedon

Gideon Lewin, the longtime assistant of one of America's most prolific photographers, unveils the man behind the camera in his new retrospective monograph.

Noah Baumbach Was the Kid Who Fell Asleep on the Couch at Dinner Parties

The director of "Marriage Story," who has built a career on the neurotic love lives of the intelligentsia, talks divorce parties, Robert Altman, and L.A. traffic.

Artist Tara Subkoff Talks Sex Bots, Deepfakes, and #MeToo

The actress-turned-artist's latest exhibition at The Hole explores the apocalyptic impact of our social media addiction.

Toned, Firmed, Frozen: A Trip to the Spa at the Equinox Hotel

The flagship hotel at New York's Hudson Yards is a new frontier in wellness, championing a type of beauty that's entirely created.

Young M.A Is Her Own Biggest Inspiration

By following up a viral hit with a 21-track opus, the Brooklyn rapper is surpassing her own potential.

Anicka Yi’s Perfumes Contain Notes of Yuzu, Patchouli, and Ancient Egypt

The artist's new collection imagines fragrances for Hatshepsut and A.I.

Isa Mazzei Talks Sugar Daddies, Sex Work, and Sybians in Her Memoir Camgirl

Isa Mazzei shares her experience being on the inside of the camgirl community, rife with equal parts pain and pleasure.

Rosalie Varda on the Enduring Legacy of Her Mother, Agnès

The final film from the legendary French filmmaker is out this week.

Amber Bain of The Japanese House is Listening to Caroline Polachek, ABBA, and the BBC News Theme Song

We sat down with the English dreamy-indie-pop artist The Japanese House to discuss her favorite music—the sad, the happy, the dinner party-y, the songs they want played at their funeral.

Into: David Lynch’s Decapitated Mickey Mouse

The filmmaker's new art exhibition "Squeaky Flies in the Mud" is an oh-so-Lynchian marriage between innocence and depravity.

Rihanna, Mirrors, and America: Processing Slave Play‘s Set Design

Tony award-winning set designer Clint Ramos reveals how he envisioned the gut-punching set of Jeremy O. Harris's new Broadway play.

That Time Dolly Parton Refused Her Song Rights to Elvis

Before Whitney covered 'I Will Always Love You', Elvis wanted it, and Dolly wouldn't give it to him.

Perfume Genius and Kate Wallich On Dogs, Dance, and Peanut Butter

The pair discuss human-alien relations, censorship, and Lee Harvey Oswald.

On Her Latest Album ‘Rouge,’ The Malaysian Singer Yuna Finds Her Color

Having worked with the likes of Usher and Tyler, the Creator, the R&B singer is taking her story in her own hands.

Artist Rashid Johnson Isn’t the Plant-Parenting Type

With his new exhibition "The Hikers" at Hauser & Wirth, the artist reflects on the power of male vulnerability (and plants).

Darryl Westly and Vic Mensa Wonder If Art is Ever Really Finished

The rapper and artist sit down to discuss their influences, starting from Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood and ending with a revelatory ayahuasca trip.

Taylor Russell and Kelvin Harrison Jr. Talk Coming-of-Age with “Lizzie McGuire” and Lisa Kudrow

The siblings from "Waves" list their favorite coming-of-age movies, pitch their dream reality TV show, and imagine their characters' birthcharts.

Playwright Matthew Lopez Wants to Hear Your Stories

The playwright of Broadway's "The Inheritance" takes us behind the curtain of his two-part, six-and-a-half-hour meditation on the gay generation gap, AIDS, and storytelling itself.

Budding Pop Star Ralph Ranks Her Favorite Ralphs

The Canadian singer breaks down which Ralphs are the best Ralphs.

Author Édouard Louis Says the Unsayable

The French author, whose two novels are being brought to the stage, on the inherent violence of everything.

Milky Chance is Listening to Britney, Whitney (The Diva), and Whitney (The Band)

The German electro-folk-pop duo talks great driving albums, good recording studios, and very, very bad karaoke.