Gary Oldman

As awards buzz swells around his recent portrayal of Winston Churchill, the iconic British actor reflects on why history, now more than ever, is not a thing of the past.

At Concrete, OMA’s first building in Dubai, an ode to a disappearing valley

Architects Elias and Yousef Anastas have transplanted their installation from London’s V&A, which pays tribute to vanishing spaces.

Yung Lean gives us a look into his life on tour in China

The Swedish rapper gives us a behind-the-scenes view of what he's reading, watching, and thinking about while on the road.

Inside the world of Latinx metal outfits

Scrapmetal, Sadistic Intent, and Crematory Stench show off their look and tell us about the role fashion plays in their identity.

John Lennon’s stolen property is recovered 11 years later

The possessions, stolen in 2006, included three diaries, handwritten sheet music, a 1965 Beatles concert recording, and two pairs of Lennon’s signature circular glasses.

Benedict Cumberbatch

The Oscar-nominated actor shines once again in a new Thomas Edison biopic, but the secret to his success lies off-camera, in his own winding road to enlightenment.

Negative Gemini’s hazy rave-pop sounds like Britney Spears meets The Prodigy

She talks to us about her influences, her emo past, and the tragedy she's had to overcome.


See Terry O’Neill’s rare images of David Bowie’s last show as Ziggy Stardust

The British photographer has mined his archives for some never before seen images of the late icon.

Ezra Miller

A sensitive, spiritual superhero? As he prepares to step back into his role as The Flash, the young actor and musician finds his footing as a vital voice of his generation—that is, if you can get on his level.

Yung Lean gives us a diary entry from the road

The Swedish rapper provides us with iPhone pics, lyric notes, and a doodle of a druggy sailor.

Natto Franco is the woman-helmed brand disrupting the streetwear game

Young designer on the rise Noemie Sebayashi blends Japanese influences with a Parisian attitude.

First things first with singer George Maple

The Australian singer-songwriter, who just released her debut LP, gives us the inside scoop on her life-long love affair with Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera.

Balls to the wall

Go for glory in the most attention-grabbing, all-leather ensembles of the season.

Revisited: Nick Lachey

The 98 Degrees frontman is back with the band for a new Christmas album and 31-city tour. Do you remember when they appeared in our May 2000 issue with Space Puppies?

Out of office

Take a break from the daily grind with a loose update on the traditional shirt and tie.