“You Ate a Moose?”: 2 Chainz and Mike Tyson Get to Know Each Other

The superstar rapper and the legendary boxer discuss parenthood, potential, and that different kind of protein.


Brooke Shields Broke the Internet Before It Existed

The actress could sell a pair of jeans to anyone—even Calvin Klein himself.

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Bree Runway is Here to Transcend Your Limitations

The emerging genre-bending artist on Lil' Kim, "White Chicks," and being larger than life.


Stella McCartney and 26 of Her Favorite Artists on the ABCs of Sustainability

The sustainability warrior and fashion icon spells it all out for us.

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“It’s Embarrassing. We Know.”: How Cazzie David and Lorde Forged a Friendship on the Internet

The writer and her pop star friend discuss tabloid culture, casual sex, and being secret stoners.


Patrick Schwarzenegger on Girls, Grown Ups, and Working at The Grove

On the day of the release of his film "Echo Boomers," the actor answered a few questions lifted from Andy Warhol himself.

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For “Agüita” Singer Gabriel Garzón-Montano, It Starts With the Pelvis

The Brooklyn-based singer has an energy that's all his own.


The Nest Director Sean Durkin Tells Jude Law Why Making Movies Can Be So Damn Hard

The director of "The Nest" opens up to his star about why his approach to filmmaking has made life in Hollywood challenging, and why their new movie was worth the wait.


“I Try Not to Think About It”: Emma Corrin on Playing Princess Diana

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

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How RILEY and Angelica Ross are Living Their Lives On Purpose

The two artists and activists discuss music, living unapologetically, and the legacy of Naya Rivera.

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Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn Get Freaky

The 23-year-old actor spoke with her "Freaky" co-star about the joys of golf, rom-coms, and the perfect kill.


Undressing Shia LaBeouf with the Founder of @ShiasOutfits

We revisit the actor’s shirtless and steamy November 2014 cover story.

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Max and Charlie Carver Get Inside Each Other’s Head

The actors and identical twins sit down for a candid exploration of how their shared history made them who they are today.

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Painter Harold Ancart’s Two Favorite Cities: New York and New York

The Belgian globe-trotter on the wonder of movement and the best utensil-free restaurant in the world.

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Comedian Atsuko Okatsuka on Husbands, Asian Grandmas, and AR-15s

The comedian and podcast host takes us on a whirl through her roller coaster life.

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Transcending Transience: This Year’s Met Costume Institute Exhibit Is Both of Its Time and Entirely Outside It

"About Time: Fashion and Duration" brings a new, 2020-inflected meaning to "everything old is new again."

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The Band O’Hara on Dreams, Ceviche, and Making Music as a Couple

The très-cool French band, formed by Laurence and Denma, met in Paris through a series of very fortunate events. Get to know the couple.

“You Had 400 Fucking Songs?”: Justin Timberlake Interviews Ty Dolla $ign

The two artists take a break from making music to discuss the mystery of doing just that. 

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Heidi Bivens and Raffaella Hanley on Making Euphoria the First Shoppable Show

The costume designer behind the hit HBO show talks to the founder of Lou Dallas about her new collection, the death of mall culture, and what's in store for season two.

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Laila Gohar on the Magic of Simple Ingredients and a Simple Life

We catch the New York-based food artist after her daily trip to the farmers' market.


At 46, Leonardo DiCaprio Still Can’t Be Tamed

A look back at the actor's June 1994 whimsical cover story.

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Mank Is a Salvo to Righteous Dissent

David Fincher's astonishing paean to Old Hollywood is surprisingly political, and should set bitter hearts everywhere ablaze.

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Alex Olson Tells Dan Colen How Wabi-Sabi Inspired His Photos of L.A. Shopping Carts

The skateboarder's debut photo book, "RED," explores transience, privacy, and the notion of home.

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Kim Gordon, Unfiltered

A new photography book shows the kool thing in all her glory.

Eve Proves She Doesn’t Need Adam to Get Her Forbidden Fruit

At age 42, the rapper has confirmed whatever they say about an apple a day.

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Artist Chris Schanck Wants to Transform Your Living Room Into Something Otherworldly

Serpentine chairs, amoeba cabinets, and crystalline night lights: this is the domestic world of Chris Schanck.

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LANY’s Paul Jason Klein Is Listening to Post Malone, Coldplay, and So Much John Mayer

The synth-pop trio's frontman discusses their new album, break-ups, and meeting your heroes.


Reuben Selby and Umar ElBably Reshape the Form of Masculinity

The fashion designer and the co-founder of Faculty, a new line of men’s beauty products, on pushing the boundaries of self-expression to its limits.


Diddy Rocks Our Vote

A celebratory look back at our '90s coverage of the bad boy formerly known as “Puff Daddy."


Cooper Raiff and Jay Duplass on Shithouse, Success, and Silver Linings

The filmmaker and his 23-year-old mentee discuss fresh air and fresher starts.

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Back to the Future with Alaska Thunderfuck and the DJs Ivan and Peter

The time-traveling ménage à trois has an absurd conversation about Mesopotamia and anus.

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Amen, Sister

We caught up with Gillian Zinser, the director of "Bad Habits," a short film celebrating a sisterhood of radical queer and trans drag nuns.


These Downtown 4 Democracy T-Shirts Are an Investment in the Future

"Right now Downtown must come together for another kind of change.” 


Michelangelo Signorile on the Perils of Complacency and “Victory Blindness”

"Too many people jump in, think they change laws, think it’s over. It’s never over."

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New York Gets Ready for Election Day

The people and polling places of Election Week 2020, as documented by photographer Akil Grubb.