Steven Klein


A Taste of Paradis: Patti Smith, in Conversation with Ingrid Sischy

March 23, 2023

“I think I’m constantly in a state of adjustment. When I was younger, I also dreamed of being an opera singer, simply because of Maria Calas.”

Life Lessons

Life Lessons from Adam Driver

November 24, 2021

“I know my potential. If it’s not good, then I have to fight to make it better.”

Life Lessons

Life Lessons from Kristen Stewart

November 11, 2021

“Anybody who wants to talk shit about Twilight, I completely get it.”


Justin Bieber is Holier Than Thou

September 30, 2020

The bad boy-turned-patron saint of pop takes us to church in his 2015 cover story.

That Time Brad Pitt Was Banned from China

December 20, 2019

Their loss.

Thierry Mugler Bares All

June 7, 2019

The designer reveals his remodeled body in intimate exclusive photos, and tells his longtime muse Tippi Hedren how he came to look like a real-life superhero.

Listen to Kanye West sing Stevie Wonder to Hot 97

April 24, 2018

He had a simple message of affection for the radio host Ebro Darden.

The making of ‘Graduation’ transformed Old Kanye into New Kanye

September 14, 2017

The rapper’s third album, which turned 10 this week, captured the lawless electronic zeitgeist of the mid-00s.

North West

August 28, 2017

And now for something entirely different: in her first tell-all interview, 4-year-old North West answers some hard-hitting questions from a few famous friends (along with a handful from the writings of Andy Warhol).

Kim Kardashian West

August 27, 2017

If anyone can be said to embody the American Dream, it’s Kim Kardashian West. It’s almost hard to remember a time before she and her sprawling mega-family invented a new kind of tabloid fame, one based on access rather than aspiration.

A Position of Strength

March 14, 2017

Being a “strong woman” suggests challenging the status quo and having an unapologetic confidence in one’s own convictions.

Paul Hameline

January 19, 2017

The classic men’s wardrobe, subverted. Paul—model, artist, muse—wears this season’s fashion his way: elegant in denim and peverse in sharp suiting.

Ryan McGinley

December 1, 2016

The New York photographer almost single-handedly changed the state of art photography in America with his frank, gleeful, in-your-face images of his friends and lovers skating by in downtown Manhattan. Now all grown-up and with an exhibition of his early works set to open, Ryan McGinley recalls how it all began.

Adam Driver

November 28, 2016

There is nothing conventional about Adam Driver’s journey from a small town in Indiana to the Marines to Julliard, on to a groundbreaking TV show and a galaxy far, far away—but then again, there is nothing conventional about his outsized talent and persistent determination to get things right. In this star system anyway, he is unique.

David Salle

November 6, 2016

The New York artist has often been considered the premiere postmodernist painter. But David Salle has more than one skill up his sleeve. In his new book of essays, the wise and witty aesthete cuts through the pomp and press-release-speak of the art world and promotes the wonder of actually experiencing a work.

Alden Ehrenreich

October 27, 2016

The Hollywood dream is far from dead. One exceptionally talented, extremely dreamy young actor is playing the roles of several lifetimes. Now he’s working with Warren Beatty, and after that, he’s battling the Galactic Empire.

Tom Hiddleston

September 24, 2016

As he enters the next dimension of his career and his life, the English actor takes time to consider the power of his platform, to revel in the delirious joy of his work, and to reflect on his life lived on the run.

Willow and Jaden

August 15, 2016

Will and Jada’s star children model for big brands and make blockbuster movies and hit songs, but what they really want is a revolution.


May 17, 2016

En route to the Art Production Fund’s gala in March, photographer Steven Klein put some garish masks on famous faces and then snapped their portraits, inviting us to wonder what goes on behind the veil, and behind the veil behind the veil.

Caged Heat

March 12, 2016

Troublemakers rejoice: Excessive glamour runs the joint this season, expressed in sequins, fur, and sheer fabrications, a provocative mix of textures and colors that won’t be confined to the usual suspects.