Andy Warhol’s Interview Interview: One Direction

ANDY WARHOL: What did you have for breakfast?

HARRY STYLES: Some Snapple and avocado on toast with a poached egg.

LOUIS TOMLINSON: A nice bacon sarnie, with loads of ketchup.

NIAL HORAN: A hotdog from Five Guys.

WARHOL: what do you like in a girl?

STYLES: A good sense of humor, someone who makes me laugh, someone who’s got a cute laugh, nice smile, and some nice eyes.

ZAYN MALIK: A nice smile and a good sense of humor.

HORAN: I like a good smile, good sense of humor, someone who I can actually have a chat with and not be awkward around. Nice eyes … Kate Beckinsale.

WARHOL: What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever sent you?

STYLES: Someone sent me a toilet seat for my birthday. They had written all over it, and that was my birthday present.

HORAN: I’ve had a tampon sent to my house before. And a box of donuts one time. They must’ve known I was hungry.

MALIK: We get quite a lot of random things thrown on stage—I mean, they throw iPhones.

TOMLINSON: Yes. They really hurt.

WARHOL: what’s your favorite movie?

STYLES: One of my favorite films is Almost Famous [2000]. Another is The Notebook [2004], even though I never admit to it. I usually say its something more manly, like Fight Club [1999].

TOMLINSON: Grease [1978].

HORAN: Anchorman [2004]. Just anything with Will Ferrell is pretty much amazing.

WARHOL: If you could be in a movie tomorrow, what would be your ideal role?

HORAN: Ron Burgundy.

STYLES: Harry Potter, because it would be less paperwork for the name change—and I’m a wizard.

TOMLINSON: Well, as it happens, we were in a movie: our own movie [One Direction: This Is Us]. How crazy is that?

WARHOL: Do you keep a diary?

LIAM PAYNE: No. I kind of wish I did, though. It’s nice that the movie will always be there to document a part of our lives, though. It’ll be crazy to watch it in, like, 30 years.

STYLES: I don’t keep a diary regularly—like a regular diary—but I have a book that I write stuff in. I do drawings and just write stuff down in it.

HORAN: I don’t keep a diary, but I do take a lot of pictures, so I kind of use that as my diary.

PAYNE: Are you going to write a book?

HORAN: I’d love to write a full book about us. It would be an interesting story to tell—maybe one day I will do it. I’ll write some sort of biography.

STYLES: If I were going write a book, it would be about me and all my stuff. It’d be called All My Stuff and Things.