Q & Andy: Spike Lee

The basketball-loving, feather-ruffling film auteur has made over 20 explosive movies since the release of his debut feature, the groundbreaking comedy She’s Gotta Have It, in 1986. This month, he’ll debut a Netflix original series based on that very film. But first, the bard of Brooklyn answers some questions from the writings of Warhol.

ANDY WARHOL: What did you have for breakfast?

SPIKE LEE: Blueberry pancakes, three scrambled egg whites, avocado, and chicken sausage. I was hungry.

WARHOL: What was your first job?

LEE: During the summers of ’76 and ’77, I scooped ice cream at Baskin-Robbins in Brooklyn Heights. Was it 31 or 32 flavors? I forget.

WARHOL: How were you discovered?

LEE: My thesis film in graduate school won a Student Academy Award.

WARHOL: What is your favorite movie?

LEE: Of the ones I did not make? On the Waterfront, written by my very good, late friend Budd Schulberg.

WARHOL: Who would be your dream date?

LEE: I’m married! But I’d take Marlon Brando, Malcolm X, John Coltrane, and Frank Sinatra out to dinner.

WARHOL: What are you reading right now?

LEE: Lots of magazines and newspapers. I’m trying to keep up with what’s happening in this turbulent world.

WARHOL: Showers or baths?

LEE: Showers—quick, quick, quick, quick showers. I’ve got things to do.

WARHOL: Are you a good cook?

LEE: I can’t boil water.

WARHOL: What do you think about American kids?

LEE: I love ’em. I just wish they’d put their phones down for a minute. Put down your phones!

WARHOL: When do you get nervous?

LEE: When the clock is running out and my team is behind. That’d be the New York Yankees, the New York Giants, and the New York Knicks.