Gia Woods Loves Her Exes and Her Enemies

Photos by Angelo Kritikoz.

Gia Woods wants your attention. The Los Angeles-born alt-pop artist, who was scouted by her first manager at a high school choir performance and came out to her family through her first studio single, “Only A Girl,”  has built up a loyal following by posting her music to her more than 150K TikTok followers. Today, the 26-year-old returns with “Hello,” a song about breaking up, which was distributed via TikTok’s SoundOn+ platform and is streaming on all platforms.  To mark the release, the budding pop star joined us for a chat about straight porn, gay girls, and loving your enemies.


INTERVIEW: What did you watch last night?

WOODS: I watched the 2018 movie Climax by Gaspar Noe. I rewatch it all the time because the soundtrack is so inspiring.

INTERVIEW: How do you watch? 

WOODS: With my eyeballs.

INTERVIEW: Who are you watching?

WOODS: I’m watching anyone who’s not afraid to challenge traditional standards and make people think. Everything has been done before, so anyone doing something fresh and interesting catches my eye. 

INTERVIEW: Who watches you? 

WOODS: Definitely my listeners. Probably my exes too. 

INTERVIEW: Who do you stalk?

WOODS: A very selective list of people, with one particular person at the top…

INTERVIEW: How do you get attention?

WOODS: I just exist and let attention find me.

INTERVIEW: What kind of porn do you watch and where do you watch it? 

WOODS: I actually like watching straight porn because it’s unfamiliar to me. It’s hot when there’s a submissive guy worshipping a woman, and it’s all about her. 

INTERVIEW: What do you do when no one’s watching? 

WOODS; When I’m spending a night alone, I like to cook myself a sexy romantic dinner. 

INTERVIEW: What movie do you know by heart? 

WOODS: Cruel Intentions. 

INTERVIEW: Which show do you watch the most? 

WOODS: The OC, I just rewatched the entire show last month. Marissa Cooper always keeps me coming back.

INTERVIEW: Where do you keep your dirty videos? 

WOODS: Uhhh… what dirty videos? 😉 

INTERVIEW: Are you a voyeur? 

WOODS: Not particularly… I’d rather be the one getting attention than giving it to someone else. 

INTERVIEW: Do you get shy on camera? 

WOODS: I wouldn’t say I’m shy, but some days I’m more outgoing than other days. 

INTERVIEW: What do you hate watch? 

WOODS: Emily In Paris. So bad but so good! 

INTERVIEW: Do you watch the news? 

WOODS: To be honest, no. Why watch the news when it’s all going to be on social media? I feel like the news is so curated and biased towards certain points of view, but on social media you see all kinds of perspectives. 

INTERVIEW: Do you like being watched? 

WOODS: Yeah, I love attention. 

INTERVIEW: Do you watch what you eat? 

WOODS: Sort of, I definitely make healthy choices but I also have cheat days. Life’s too short. 

INTERVIEW: What’s the best movie theater? 

WOODS: I love the old famous movie theater in Westwood Village. There’s something very nostalgic about it, it makes me feel like I’m traveling back in time.

INTERVIEW: Do you ever feel like you’re being surveilled? 

WOODS: Well, we all are. Our phones are listening to us, and we’re being tracked. Privacy doesn’t exist anymore. 

INTERVIEW: Have you ever made a sex tape?

WOODS: Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t. You’ll never know. 

INTERVIEW: Who do you love?

WOODS: I love everyone—even my enemies. We’re all gonna die anyway <3. 

INTERVIEW: Who do you follow? 

WOODS: Any hot lesbian who catches my eye. 

INTERVIEW: When was the last time you lied? 

WOODS: In this interview. Try to guess when.

INTERVIEW: What’s the last thing you got in trouble for? 

WOODS: I don’t really get in trouble, I’m way too good at being sneaky.