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“Sexy. Hungry. Crazy.” Meet Trisha Paytas

Photo courtesy of Trisha Paytas.

This is SEARCH HISTORY, your deep dive into the online habits of our favorite creatures of the internet. From preferred stalking platforms and private browsing habits to the social accounts we should all know about, we slide into the DMs and ask all your burning questions.

Crowned with blonde hair, plump lips, and a following of over 13 million fans across TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram, Trisha Paytas is an internet sensation. In the 14 years since she first appeared on YouTube, Paytas has made a name for herself by imitating everyone from Dominos Pizza delivery drivers to cult movie characters (she recently LARPed as Nomi Malone from Showgirls), while filming confessionals and ASMR-like mukbangs from the front seat of her pink Mercedes Benz. But it hasn’t all been rhinestones and brand deals. The same chaotic charm that has earned Paytas a loyal fan base has also gotten her into trouble, resulting in endless influencer wars and out-right cancellations. Yet the queen of cosplay has managed to consistently reinvent herself, and grow her following along the way. Now, the once-raucous party girl is pregnant, and though she’s laying low with her husband in LA, the blonde bombshell still has a lot to say. To hear more about her new domestic lifestyle, we slid into our favorite YouTuber’s DMs for a conversation about pregnancy cravings, birth vlogs, and Britney Spears.



TRISHA PAYTAS:  34, nonbinary, Los Angeles.

MACIAS: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?


MACIAS:  What were your last three Google searches?

PAYTAS: The Little Mermaid live-action, Elvis Presley and Linda Thompson, and Jafar Once Upon a Time.


MACIAS: What’s your favorite meme format?

PAYTAS: I honestly don’t even know how to answer this. I just found out what a meme was like a year ago. I guess my favorite meme is anything with me in it. Aren’t memes just pictures with funny tags? Lol I don’t know.

MACIAS: Describe your pregnancy experience in one sentence.


MACIAS: What is your pregnancy craving?

PAYTAS: Benihana fried rice.

MACIAS: What’s your favorite YouTube rabbit hole?

PAYTAS: Birth vlogs! Watching labor deliveries ’cause I have no idea what to expect. I feel better prepared now.

MACIAS: What’s your stalking platform of choice?

PAYTAS: TikTok. Once you get on a side of TikTok, you get all the tea. It’s anonymous so no one sees you lurking. 👀

MACIAS: Describe your private browsing persona in three words.

PAYTAS: Sexy. Hungry. Crazy.

MACIAS: Print or digital?

PAYTAS: Print!!!

MACIAS: What’s your most irrational fear?

PAYTAS: Being chased.

MACIAS: What is your word of the moment?

PAYTAS: Bougie.

MACIAS: How many unread text messages do you have?


MACIAS: What was your AIM screen name?

PAYTAS: blndsundoll4mj—my current YouTube channel name (that I started in 2006) and still haven’t changed.

MACIAS: What does your TikTok FYP look like?

PAYTAS: People’s horrific dating stories and clips from Rock of Love and I Love New York.

MACIAS: What is Trisha’s go-to pizza order?


MACIAS: What’s your favorite mukbang food?

PAYTAS: Butter noodles.

MACIAS: Money or clout.


MACIAS: What’s a website everyone should know about?

PAYTAS:, my band and merch page, and, a site for all the new fast food items lol.

MACIAS: How many wigs do you own?

PAYTAS: Over 200.

MACIAS: What imaginary couple are you and Moses dying to cosplay as next?

PAYTAS: We are watching Once Upon a Time right now and I really want to do Jafar and the Queen of Hearts but it’s like, so niche. I don’t know if anyone would get it. 

MACIAS: What is an account everyone should follow?

PAYTAS: @BritneySpears 👸 the only one I log on for.

MACIAS: What’s your favorite Britney song?

PAYTAS: So hard to choose. Like, SO HARD. But “Everytime” gets me in the feels. I cry watching her die in that music video to this day.

MACIAS: Describe your most incriminating accidental email/text.

PAYTAS: I’m pretty good with those but I def have screen-shotted a text to send to someone else and end up sending it to the person I screen-shotted 🤦‍♀️ I do this too much. And then I have to be like, “Omg I don’t know why it did that.” 🤷‍♀️

MACIAS: If you could spend the day with one drag queen, who would it be?

PAYTAS: Trixie Mattel. She’s a Barbie, like me. So we stick together.

MACIAS: Strangest DM you’ve received?

PAYTAS: Tyga. Lol. He DM’d me like two years ago and it was so out of the blue and out of my realm. I’m so far removed from Hollywood now or any type of scene. It would’ve made sense like 15 years ago, but I was well into my 30s. I was so confused. Maybe he needed a friend or like an auntie or something? Idk 🤷‍♀️

MACIAS: Did you reply?

PAYTAS: Lol I did. But it was literally just conversation.

MACIAS: Read receipts: on or off? 


MACIAS: What’s your password? 

PAYTAS: Lol I don’t even know. I use my thumb and face to open everything.