Repossi x Colette: The Mesoamerican Treatment

Gaia Repossi has her Master’s in archaeology and anthropology, and judging from her new collection honoring the iconic Parisian boutique Colette, Repossi has found a muse in her studies. Inspired by the intricate mosaics of Mesoamerican masks, the limited edition collection contains three turquoise pieces—a three-band ring, a seven-band ring, and a four-ring ear cuff. Unlike the Mesoamerican masks, however, we probably wouldn’t recommend putting these on before heading into battle.

Repossi has previously lent her creative eye in collaborations with young fashion designers such as Alexander Wang in 2010 and Joseph Altuzarra in 2011. The Repossi x Colette Bebère Capsule Collection is available at Colette until October 25, and then available upon request at Repossi boutiques.

This collection was chosen by
Interview assistant fashion editor Stephanie Strauss.