Ohne Titel Stands Alone


Flora Gill and Alexa Adams of Ecco Domani Award-winning womenswear line Ohne Titel have always wanted to showcase their structured high-impact garments in an environment that echoes their strong look. Hence their excitement when New York-based arts and culture nonprofit BOFFO selected them to participate in its second annual Building Fashion Project. This year, the initiative, which brings designers and architects together to create conceptual pop-up shops at 57 Walker Street, has already featured collaborations between Nicola Formichetti and Gage/Clemenceau Architects and Patrik Ervell and Graham Hudson, among others. Ohne Titel’s store, which opened last night, marks 2011’s grand finale. “We’ve definitely gotten advice and learned from the designers that came before us,” says Adams, noting that the project has been a community experience. “It’s been a wonderful way to wrap up the season,” she adds.
Drawn to their sculptural method of design and innovative use of unexpected textures, the designers chose award-winning architectural team Easton + Combs as their collaborators. “When we saw their work, we were immediately drawn to it. We loved their approach to material usage and strong colors,” says Adams. The union resulted in a maze of mirrors and geometric, undulating, bright red metal plates that consumes the minimalist space. “I think we have so much in common with Easton + Combs. It’s great to collaborate with people you’re inspired by,” notes the designer, explaining that the instillation emphasizes Ohne Titel’s focus on body proportion and voluminous knits.
From the cherry-red industrial honeycomb structures created by Easton + Combs hang pieces from the designers’ space suit-inspired fall collection, as well as items from resort. To celebrate the shop—which, it should be noted, is Ohne Titel’s first stand-alone retail space—Gill and Adams designed special-edition canvas bags as well as men’s T-shirts, the backs of which are adorned with a Rorschach-inspired print.
Last night’s dynamic opening fête featured a performance by The Black Soft, as well as a sound work by Sabisha. “The store is an additional element of the Ohne Titel world,” says Adams. “It brings together sound and shape to further how people see our collection. It creates a whole new environment. And we’re really excited.”