Most Wanted: Stella McCartney Floral Jacquard Dress

It’s mid-April, meaning we’ve got five months of wedding season looming ahead of us. There aren’t many brides left who purposefully choose tacky taffeta monstrosities for their bridesmaids—but for the fashion-conscious and affianced, even a flattering-but-boring, simple chiffon dress is unacceptable. Your ladies deserve something unexpected (particularly if you’re footing the bill), and the above Stella McCartney number strikes a nice balance between romance and edge. The sweet floral pattern is unexpectedly vivid; the modest neckline is countered by a sleek silhouette; and the back of the dress is solid white, which could make for some striking over-the-shoulder bridal-party photos. (Plus, there’s a strapless version available if your friends can’t bear the thought of sleeves.) Best of all: we can wear it as a guest to three or four other weddings this summer, provided the friend-groups present don’t overlap. Priced at $1,195 and available at Net-a-Porter.

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