Office Poll: Here’s the TV the Interview Editors are Bingeing Right Now

Andy Warhol watching TV in bed, at home in New York City, 1971.

Television: we all love it—maybe a little too much. Now, more than ever, people are flocking to the blue light of their screens like moths to a flame, and the Interview editors are no exception. From the brazen lack of PPE in early seasons of Top Chef to the downright reckless party scenes in Sex and The City, our TV proclivities say a lot; we’re mourning more germ-positive times. But what makes for good quarantine content? The world divides between those who crave a dose of moody dramatic tension à la Ozark, and those who require the raunchy reality of Selling Sunset to stay sane. As we bid adieu to any hope of summer travel and gear up for more of the same, the Interview editors compare notes on where they’re getting their TV fixes. —MARA VEITCH



Production Director

“Well, if this isn’t my wheelhouse, I don’t know what is. I have an extreme Grey’s Anatomy addiction, and during the first four weeks of quarantine, I spent all of my time with the team over there at Grey Sloan Memorial. I watched the entire series through … twice. I’m not sure how it was physically possible. I just finished Season 2 of Selling Sunset. If you haven’t seen Selling Sunset, stop what you’re doing and watch. It’s Adam DiVello (Laguna Beach/The Hills). The guy knows how to punch out a reality show. I’m still trying to get to the bottom of how “real” it is, but regardless, it’s TV gold. And now that Amazon added Alias, I just started rewatching. It was my favorite show in middle and high school. Bradley Cooper as an unknown, scruffy supporting character best friend! Michael Vartan! Victor Garber! Jennifer Garner in a different wig every episode!”



Digital Editor

“One word, and one word only: Daria. One episode a day keeps the yuppies away.”




“A couple of months ago I began Mad Men for the first time, but around Season 4 I dropped off. Lately, I’ve been watching Formula 1: Drive to Survive and rewatching The Grand Tour to feed my car content addiction. But honestly, the show I’ve watched and rewatched the most is Trixie and Katya’s webseries Unhhhh (not technically a TV show but who cares). They’re so iconic and so entertaining. Truly spirit-lifting.”




“My current vibe is very going to bed watching Defending Jacob, wake up to RuPaul’s Drag Race.”



Market Director

“I finally binge-watched The Last Dance this past weekend. Very emotional and lots of FMK material.”



Editorial Assistant

“I have been watching a ton of Drag Race because I find comfort in consuming queer content when I am unable to connect with my local queer scene. Plus, I love a gaggy lip-sync. I have also been watching The Amazing Race with my roommate. We started from season 1—would highly recommend for those itching to travel and love dissecting human relationships. Last but not in any way least, I’ve been watching a lot of Sex and The City because 1) I miss the city with all its smells, sounds, and endless movement. 2) I made a deal years ago with these four women: “Men, babies, it doesn’t matter. We’re soulmates.”



Manager, Brand Marketing and Partnerships 

“I recently paid a visit to my old friends Charles Ryder and Sebastian Flyte, in Brideshead Revisited, the 1981 serialized adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s novel. Does a more sublime TV show exist? There’s an endless flow of wine, the most beautiful wide-leg trousers, the dreamiest Jeremy Irons, and an inexplicit gay romance that will tug at your heart for 11 episodes straight. ”



Photo Director

“I just finished Selling Sunset and I have to say I had a great time. Essentially The Hills, but make it real estate. Buckets of scripted drama, plenty of atrocious acting, and even worse clothes. Very good bad TV at its absolute finest. (Christine is my favorite.)”



Executive Editor

“My wife doesn’t LOVE narrative storytelling as I do, so at night, we watch old seasons of Top Chef. Then every morning, I wake up and gift myself one episode of television before work. This morning, I just finished the second season of Ozark, which, as Gunna says, ‘goes hard.’ “