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Harry Jowsey of Too Hot to Handle Wants You to Know He’s 6′5″


Harry Jowsey photographed by Aaron Idelson.

Keeping up with Harry Jowsey’s dating history is like tracking a moth zig zag around a flame—unbridled, resilient and lit up for the world to see. This, if not his boyish charm and anthropomorphic terms of endearment (his website calls me a “naughty little possum”), has primed him for his sizzling new podcast: Boyfriend Material. The show joins Alex Cooper’s ballooning podcast network, Unwell, as its fourth addition alongside Call Her Daddy, Madeline Argy’s Pretty Lonesome and Alix Earle’s Hot Mess. The Aussie playboy flipped his 15 minutes of Too Hot to Handle fame into social media stardom and, at one point, was the highest earning male on OnlyFans (he won’t name a number, but confirmed he’d bagged 100k in 24 hours). After finishing a run on Dancing with the Stars alongside Rylee Arnold, he’s set to return to reality as a cast member on season twp of Perfect Match. For this weeks Search History, we slid into his DMs to talk tinder bios, being un-ghosted, and the Hollywood it-couple he wants to have a threesome with.


HARRY JOWSEY: Hi my love.

ELOISE KING-CLEMENTS: Goodday! Let’s begin. A/S/L?

JOWSEY: What does that mean 😭😭

KING-CLEMENTS: Age/sex or sign/location.

JOWSEY: I’m 26, male / Gemini & I’m in Los Angeles.

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s in your system currently?

JOWSEY: Caffeine and avocado toast???

KING-CLEMENTS: Don’t worry, you’re not failing the test.


KING-CLEMENTS: Where do you spend the most time online? 

JOWSEY: Definitely on TikTok watching my crush

KING-CLEMENTS: Tell me more… What kind of videos is she making?

JOWSEY: Hahahahaha just silly videos, but she’s great.

KING-CLEMENTS: Ok you’re coy… what are you latest Google searches?

JOWSEY: Harry Jowsey

KING-CLEMENTS: Harry, this is good. Do you have a fat dog or want a fat dog?

JOWSEY: My friend was telling me that brand of dog food was great for his dog 😂😭

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s in your Tinder bio? 

JOWSEY: Harry Jowsey

KING-CLEMENTS: Choose one: IG baddie, OF baddie, TikTok baddie, YouTube baddie, Substack baddie, reality tv baddie? 

JOWSEY: Idk what Substack baddie is & I’ve dated too many reality tv, IG & OF baddies…So I think YouTube baddies are where it’s at.

KING-CLEMENTS: What gives you the ick?

JOWSEY: When people lift the corner of their lip in tiktoks, trying to be like thug or whatever. It drives me crazy.

KING-CLEMENTS: Name one celebrity couple you’d like to be a third with.

JOWSEY: I think Justin & Hailey, because they are the coolest people & are super inspiring.

KING-CLEMENTS: Can you send what you’re wearing right now? 

JOWSEY:Harry Jowsey

 JOWSEY: I’m just in gym clothes

KING-CLEMENTS: Describe your private browsing persona in three words.

JOWSEY: Embarrassing, cheeky & curious.

KING-CLEMENTS: What are you making your situationship for breakfast?

JOWSEY: Scrambled eggs & avocado toast.

KING-CLEMENTS: Is it possible to be un-ghosted? 

JOWSEY: I think if you see someone out in public and they like your energy or how you look, then it can usually lead to be unghosted.

KING-CLEMENTS: Are you speaking from experience? 

JOWSEY: Yes 100%.

KING-CLEMENTS: Slay. Strangest DM you’ve received? 

JOWSEY: People wanting to see my armpits.

KING-CLEMENTS: Can you send your favorite meme? 


JOWSEY: It’s so stupid but puns really get me 😭 

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s your sexting style? 

JOWSEY: I’m the worst at it, I’d rather get freaky on FaceTime or just go straight to their place.

KING-CLEMENTS: Very fair. Is a girl ever just a friend? 

JOWSEY: Yes 100%.

KING-CLEMENTS: Last thing you saved on IG?



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KING-CLEMENTS: That was not what I expected.

JOWSEY: Hahahahaha yeah, I save a lot of interior design stuff for some reason. I like to think that I’d be able to do that one day 😂😂😭 

KING-CLEMENTS: Choose one: money or clout? 

JOWSEY: Money every time.

KING-CLEMENTS: You passed our test.

JOWSEY: phew