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TikTok Superstar Alix Earle Welcomes Us to Her Miami

Alix Earle wears Dress Buci. Bracelet (Worn on Right Wrist, Throughout) and Rings (Worn Throughout) Alixʼs Own. Bikini Dos Swim. Bracelet (Worn on Left Wrist) and Bracelet (Worn on Left Wrist) Tiffany & Co. Shoes Jimmy Choo.


TikTok’s new queen of getting ready serves face at her favorite spots in Miami.





“My house is a bunch of fun because it’s my five best friends and me. We were super adamant about wanting to live together senior year. We kind of took the first place we could find and made it work. It’s where I probably am the most and it shapes a lot of my core memories with my friends. We’re always hanging out here, whether it’s on the couch, in someone’s bedroom, or at the pool.”

Bikini Dos Swim. Bracelet (Worn on Left Wrist) Tiffany & Co. Shoes Jimmy Choo.


“This is where I get ready and make my videos. I have my little makeup vanity in the corner. The shoot was super fun. We threw a bunch of clothes and stuff on the bed because I feel like I always talk about being a mess in my room.”




Hoodie Timothy Gibbons. Bikini Top Same. Skirt Danielle Guizio. Socks Stylistʼs Own. Shoes Adidas.

“I’m wrapping up my senior year, majoring in marketing, and it’s definitely shaped me into the person I am today. This is where I met all my best friends. I just don’t think I’d be the same person I am if I didn’t go here. A lot of my content is about the University of Miami, whether it’s going to school, a day in my life, going out, or different parties. I’m so sad to be leaving.”




T-Shirt Re/Done. Bikini Melissa Simone. Bracelet Tiffany & Co.

“This was the best spot to get food on campus. Everyone was obsessed with it. The line was at least an hour long, and you’d see everyone there. I got all of my meals from there because they let you put it on your card swipes for school, so I abused that. Then they closed on campus, but started opening up everywhere. They were literally popping up like McDonald’s and it’s everyone’s favorite spot. I’ll go there either for food or a smoothie. It’s so good.”




Dress ERL. Underwear On Gossamer. Bracelet (Worn On Left Wrist) Tiffany & Co.

“My freshman year they opened up a few locations in South Florida and I told all my friends about it. None of them knew what Wawa was. They were like, ‘That sounds disgusting.’ I was like, ‘Just trust me, we have to go. I can’t even explain it.’ So after a night out, we all Uber’ed there and I showed them how to use the touchscreen and everyone got their own food. Ever since then, we’ve all been obsessed with Wawa.”



“I grew up going here. We used to go after high school parties. It’s a gas station with snacks and drinks, but it also has these touchscreens where you can order anything and customize it. They make subs, soups, mac and cheese, and paninis. My three staples are chicken noodle soup, mac and cheese, and a ham, egg, and cheese breakfast quesadilla. It’s so good.”




Shirt Interview Magzine. Skirt Re/Done.

“This beach is a 15-minute drive from campus. It’s more subtle and less touristy than other beaches in South Beach. My best memories are of going with my friends. We’ll pick up pizzas or sushi, and we’ll spread out a bunch of blankets and eat on the beach together. I feel like even when I move out of Coral Gables, I’ll probably still go to Key Biscayne.”

Bikini Top Same. Bracelet Tiffany & Co. Earrings by Merjuri.

“One day a bunch of my friends and I went, and we brought a speaker and Pub Subs, which is another food I love here from Publix. There were maybe 12 of us and we all sat in a circle. My one friend brought a ukulele. We were all just sitting there laughing the whole day. Days like that with your friends are the best, where you’re able to just hang out and be yourselves.”


Hair: Leah Caso Using Ghd And Rōz at Peechy Group

Makeup: Madeline Rouge Using Tom Ford Beauty

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