Alex Cooper Calls Her Daddy Mel Ottenberg at the Prada Show in Milan

Photographed by Aaron Idelson

Welcome to Milan, Daddy Gang. At the Prada FW23 show, presented by designers Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons at the Deposito of the Fondazione Prada, Interview editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg caught up with podcasting sensation and first-time Prada attendee Alex Cooper to talk “big dick” fashion and figure out what it takes to be a daddy.


MEL OTTENBERG: I’m here with “Call Her Daddy” founding father Alex Cooper. Can I call you daddy, Alex?

ALEX COOPER: Please call me daddy.

OTTENBERG: So is this daddy’s first fashion show?

COOPER: I’ve been to some fashion shows before in New York. This is my first International Fashion Week and I’m here with Prada. But it feels like my first fashion show because this is the most legit you can get.

OTTENBERG: This is a Big Dick Fashion Show.

COOPER: Huge dick. Schlong.

OTTENBERG: What did you think of the show?

COOPER: I loved it so much. I was enthralled by all the different looks. I literally took notes. The first thing I noticed was the big collars, ’70s style, coming out of the big jackets. I love the embellishment and the 3D-looking skirts.

OTTENBERG: Oh yeah, the white ones with the flowers.

COOPER: I also loved the puffy skirt, and there was also a dress combo with that. I’m absolutely going to be wearing that. Did you see the camel coat that was worn as a dress?



COOPER: Stunningly gorgeous. I was picturing myself in all these. Love the pointed-toe kitten heels. Love the colors; the oranges, the reds. I loved the long white-collared dress with the train.

OTTENBERG: I was taking a video of that. I was like, “I wonder if Alex specifically would like this because it’s so hot?”

COOPER: Love, love, love. I feel like the look is for a modern confident woman who still has an edge. You feel sexy wearing it, but you can walk into a room and feel so confident and edgy, modern with a twist, looking like a bad bitch walking into a room.

OTTENBERG: This is my zillionth Prada show. And it might be my favorite Prada show, because it’s going for this ’90s Prada that I grew up obsessing about. It’s really simple stuff, like what Barney’s had when I had zero money and I was a teenager, but I wanted a little Prada blah, blah, blah. It’s hard to design really simple things, but every woman needs a really sick black suit or coat that she’s going to look good in.

COOPER: Incredible.

OTTENBERG: You don’t usually see that on the runway. You might see something that’s a “wow” or that really could be very viral, but you don’t see something like that coat. So that’s why I think it’s Big Dick.


OTTENBERG: How did they make that puffy miniskirt and that dress look cool?

COOPER: It was insane. I was obsessed. There were so many things that I would take off the rack and put on my body and wear as a full outfit. Everything felt attainable, also.

OTTENBERG: Yes. How tall are you?

COOPER: 5’5.

OTTENBERG: 5’5 is short for a lot of fashion, but it works for a lot of this collection. Alex and I both took notes because we were both fanning on the show. Let me see what else I wrote down. Yeah, perfect sweaters, perfect jackets. It’s Prada ’90s. It was chill but high energy. I think it’ll be really influential.

COOPER: The detail was incredible.

OTTENBERG: This is the real shit, bitch. What’s that bag?

COOPER: This is Prada.

OTTENBERG: I shouldn’t ask you what’s in your bag…

COOPER: You’re going to shit on me for what’s in my bag.

OTTENBERG: I’m ready to shit on you.

COOPER: I have my phone. I have my sunglasses. Most people carry gum in their purse for a little refresher. I have Sour Patch Kids to pop in my mouth at any moment because I love Sour Patch Kids and I like to have a little pack.

OTTENBERG: They’re not weed Sour Patch Kids. I haven’t had a Sour Patch kid in a hot minute.

COOPER: Let’s have one right now. It just gives you a little kick. They’re not laced with anything. It’s just a Sour Patch. But we look like we’re doing drugs in the corner.

OTTENBERG: I like that also. Do you know who all these K-pop megastars are?

COOPER: I have definitely seen them. I’ve never met them, but I obviously know they’re the biggest thing ever. I walked in and every single person was photographing them. Everyone was crowding and I was like, “Okay, get it K-pop.”

OTTENBERG: Last question. What does it take to be a Daddy?

COOPER: What it takes to be a Daddy is to be so confident in yourself and what you believe in. Even if you don’t know exactly what it is, you’re going to figure it out. You just have to try to be an individual rather than going with what everyone else is doing. We’re in a society where it’s like, “What is someone else doing? I’m going to copy that.” No, be yourself. Lean into it. Own it. Be a Daddy.

OTTENBERG: Wow. You just really described my era. And I will say that my Daddy era is the best era I’ve ever been in.

COOPER: Right. I love that I’m hitting these questions because I had not slept. I slept two hours last night and I was hallucinating this morning. I drank so much coffee.

OTTENBERG: No, you’re hitting it hard. You need to get interviewed all the time.