BlackBerry’s Guiding Light

Where would I be without my phone? Lost. To me, the name of BlackBerry’s latest model, the Torch, sums up the role the gadget plays in my life. With its sleek design, easy-to-use apps, touch pad, and amazing photo-taking blogging capabilities, the Torch does have some things in common with that other smart phone. And, had this new version not been released, it’s possible that I could have ended up an iPhone convert. And that wouldn’t be nearly as fashion department-appropriate. Here are a few of my favorite features:

1. The hidden slide keyboard is loyal to touch-type addicts who need to file reviews and answer endless emails while navigating city streets. Whoever said that text-driving was dangerous should text-walk.

2. The new text message format is clearer, with color-coded bubbles that make it easy to understand who said what.

3. The camera is officially market appointment approved! I can’t wait to use the Torch during Fashion Week to share the new collections with the world.  To practice, I took a shot of these flats during my recent Prada Resort 2011 appointment:



4. The video playback is something all together new to me. My last model was unable to open attachments. This feature will definitely keep me entertained.

5. So far, the only complaint I have about the Torch is that exploring all the new functions has been taking up too much of my time–and draining the battery!