Wanna Betty? White Turns 90 with a Little Help from Crocker

The bizarre comeback of America’s sole remaining Golden Girl, Betty White, is one of those Internet-fueled things we’re probably going to be at a loss to explain to our grandchildren someday. (See also: planking, Rebecca Black.) But we don’t begrudge White her newly rediscovered popularity one bit, due to the strength of Golden Girls rerunsâ??which hold up amazingly wellâ??and of White’s own remarkable longevity. She turns 90 on January 17, and you can bet she’ll be fêted: NBC is running a special, Betty White’s 90th Birthday: A Tribute to America’s Golden Girl, at the suitably grandparent-friendly hour of 8 p.m. a week from today.

In honor of the occasion, another notable Betty celebrating her 90th, Betty Crocker, created an imposing three-tier cake out of chocolate mousse and ganache and presented it to White, as well as miniature versions for each of the several hundred celebrity guests present at the taping. We’ll cop to being a little confused by the press release, which insists the cake “flown by private plane from Betty Crocker’s Minneapolis home to Los Angeles for Betty White’s birthday” (isn’t Betty Crocker a fictitious person?), but we’ll let it rest simply because these photosâ??particularly the one that also includes Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnettâ??are too good to pass up. Happy birthdays, Betty and Betty!