Dash Snow, 1981â??2009

Photo by Craig McDean


Hearing that Dash Snow has died at the age of 27 feels like reading one of Adam McEwen’s fake celebrity obituaries, exactly because he signified something beyond himself, because his star burned so bright—and so seemed more romantic for a fall. But it’s also because both he and his work had a remarkable ability to feel people that he was at all times present. The rush articulated by his messy, wild, but unerringly delicate photographs of young people behaving badly (indeed, more often than not by chemical means) or his gritty, scatalogical, funny and quite genius collages, was matched only by the tremendous curiosity and enthusiasm he had for everyone else’s projects, and the incredible empathy and time he shared with the people around him. Our best to his partner, Jade, and baby, Secret, who he adored and carted around in a stroler wherever he went. Keep posted for graffiti tributes.