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Artists at Work: Andres Serrano

Thirty years after his controversial artwork Piss Christ, the American artist trains his unflinching eye on the history of torture. 

Interview Presents Horizon, An Immersive Art Experience By Cadillac

Victoria Stevens

Interested in expanding the creative possibilities of their new Rear Camera Mirror, Cadillac sought to showcase its ability to enhance perspective by taking the Rear Camera Mirror out of the car and creating an artistic expression of the technology. 

Jordan Casteel

Sebastian Kim

The young New York artist tackles black male stereotypes by painting people she meets on the street.

10 Picks from Seattle Art Fair 2017

Tomorrow, the Seattle Art Fair opens its doors for the third time. Our favorite works include a collage by Kurt Cobain, Gisela Colon's sci-fi-esque sculpture, and Lee Wan's installation of 668 ticking clocks.  

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