Soundclouds of the Underground: Summertime Sadness


With an infinite number of websites dedicated to hosting tunes for the laptop-wielding masses, music truly lives online. Some of the newest and most exciting (Internet-friendly) artists can be sought out via Soundcloud, the online platform that allows musicians to promote and distribute music around the world. In this column, up-and-coming Internet sleuth Dylan McDermott goes into the depths of the music-sharing site.

With less clothing, happier music, warmer temperatures, and generally higher spirits, sweet summertime is almost everyone’s favorite time of year. Sometimes, however, summer doesn’t entail such happy endings. The oppressive heat and long days can create loneliness and boredom—a summertime of sorrow, if you will. Below we share three tracks for those pool days where tears glisten in the sun as they fall below your sunglasses.

Post Malone: Tears feat. 1st”

Who: Post Malone is a Houston-based artist who, with only five songs released, is already making waves. He moves his audiences to with riveting hooks, rooted melodies, and nimble verses. By working only with production team FKI, he carries a consistent and elevated sound throughout each track.

The Song: In “Tears,” Malone uses a hook that references New York-based clothing brand, Supreme, creating a relatable anthem  Also including an impressive feature from FKI, the song belongs in every summer time sadness play list.

Current Project: Rumors about a forthcoming mixtape have been circling, but few concrete details exist. We have high hopes for hearing more in the near future, so follow him on Twitter to receive the latest news.

Yeek: “Sad Summer”

Who: Los Angeles-based Leek displays a hybrid between old groove and modern R&B through his use of creative samples, airy melodies, and spacey vocals. We’re particularly drawn to the artist’s consistently sinister, yet relaxing vibe.

The Song: “Sad Summer,” Leek’s latest single, is currently available on iTunes. The track opens with an instant release of nostalgia, incorporating sounds of summer like birds chirping and dogs barking. He keeps the tone throughout with his references to eyes burning from chlorine, escaping the heat at the beach, and falling asleep in the deep end.

Current Project: Yeek recently released two songs from his current project. On June 6, the third song will drop, accompanied by the “Sad Summer” music video. Keep up with him on Twitter.

Greafer: A New Void

Who: Greafer (who also goes just by Greaf) specializes in solemn lyrics with uplifting instrumentals. Although he has a few different projects to his name, Greaf remains an enigma.

The Song: “A New Void” epitomizes Greaf’s solemnness. Featuring an extremely dark vocal sample mixed with trunk-knocking drums and heart-striking strings, the track will have you lost deep within your darkest thoughts.

Current Project:
Greafer just released his latest nine-song mixtape (also titled A New Void), which you can check out on Soundcloud or download here and showcases Greaf’s heartfelt instrumentals. For the latest news, follow him on Twitter.

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