@PatiasFantasyWorld Would Like You to Know She’s a Barb for Life

This is SOUND ADVICE, a weekly destination for playlists curated by Interview’s friends, enemies and lovers. This week’s installment comes from Patia Borja a.k.a. @patiasfantasyworld, who told us she’s “been feeling kinda busted lately,” hence the pixelated selfie. Nevertheless, she put together a hardcore lineup of songs for us to kick away the winter blues. In the questionnaire below, she asserts the supremacy of rap music, reveals her favorite club, and tries to figure out what a “needle-drop” is.


Where do you dance? Wherever I am booked to DJ.

What’s on your bedroom playlist? Romantic Distortion!!! Every track was recorded 1120 feet below the surface of the earth. Droney, experimental.

Favorite genre? Rap! It’s the best conglomerate of all the other different genres I personally enjoy. I always think about when OutKast won Best New Rap Group at The Source awards and Andre3000 said “the South got something to say.” OutKast really paved the way for Southern Black expressionism to be seen and respected especially from a region where racism really hit it the hardest. And it certainly didn’t fit into the East Coast vs. West Coast narrative. So I’m inspired by that and I’m inspired by producers like Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, 808 Mafia, and more who really keep pushing boundaries. Rap is more than just music for me, it is a large part of how I analyze Black history, the present, and the future.

Fuck, marry, kill: Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music. Fuck Apple Music. Marry Soundcloud. Kill Spotify.

Bluetooth or wired headphones? Mine are both, so.

What was your first concert? I don’t remember. Most likely some local hardcore band where I’m from. (Jacksonville, Florida.) Probably Evergreen Terrace, or something. I was all up in that world.

What song on this playlist, if any, makes you cry? None because I don’t like crying to music. I don’t cry when I’m happy so if I am crying I’m probably sad and I don’t want to taint my favorite music with that kind of memory. There is a Future album I used to cry to that I can no longer listen to…

Name your favorite artist no one knows about. Outo Syojodan!!! \m/

Do you play an instrument? No. My mom always wanted me to learn how to play SOMETHING… ANYTHING…! I had guitars and knew the basics. I was more interested in coding and trolling AOL chat rooms at a very young age while my peers were learning how to play piano or whatever and then I just felt too ADHD to dedicate the time to learning something like that.

What’s your favorite club? CLUB BED.

What song do you have on repeat? Lil Baby & Future – “Out the Mud” is my morning motivation. I’ll have it on repeat for a good 2 hours until I’m doing whatever task I need to get started on for the day.

What do you listen to when you’re high? I don’t get high.

What’s your favorite album cover of all time? X-rated answer: Mayhem – The Dawn of Black Hearts. G-rated answer: Any of the Pen & Pixel album covers.

Who’s the queen of pop? I hate this question because I think the technical answer everyone is supposed to say is Madonna because of impact and influence but in my trashy hometown, I wasn’t really exposed to her—just all the Mickey Mouse Club people like Britney Spears etc… I’m just going to deflect and use this opportunity to say I am a barb for life and Nicki Minaj is my queen.

What’s your favorite movie needle-drop? I don’t know because I googled what a movie needle-drop is 5 million times and I still don’t get it because I watch like, Zeus network and SVU and I can’t remember the last movie I watched that wasn’t some gore shit with my man… I guess I’m not a movie girl.