Nourished By Time Tells Us What An Erotic Probiotic Really Is

Nourished By Time

Marcus Brown of Nourished By Time, photographed by Lauren Davis.

This is SOUND ADVICE, a weekly destination for playlists curated by Interview’s friends, enemies, and lovers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered playlists from Only Fire, Molly Lewis and Peter Sagar. This week’s guest is Marcus Brown, AKA Nourished by Time, the 29-year-old musician from Baltimore who’s latest EP Catching Chickens continues his tradition of the bedroom pop-R&B fusion sound he’s been building out for years (and is accompanied by some irresistibly camp visuals for single “Hand On Me”). Marcus signed to XL Recordings earlier this year, after his debut album Erotic Probiotic 2 earned him a loyal following across the US and in London. Before kicking off his international tour this Summer, he curated Interview a playlist of pop bangers and let us in on what an erotic probiotic actually is.


What song do you have on repeat? “Yeah Glo!” by Glorilla.

Wired or bluetooth headphones? Damnnnn. Both tbh, I carry both on me. Casual and formal.

Who do you trust most with aux? Prob my college ex-gf.

Favorite album artwork of all time: Bread Alone by Junie Morrison (also one of my favorite albums).

Name your favorite artist no one knows about: Evans Pyramid.

Go-to late night meal? Hahaha, prob Wingstop lemon pepper boneless and fries.

Which song on this playlist makes you cry? “Maybe Because It’s Over Now” by Cindy.

What is an erotic probiotic? It’s a beverage you drink when you wanna be reborn and jump timelines, which is what happened to me in a way.

Favorite cover track of all time? “Twisted” by Chaka Khan, originally by The Quick.

What’s a red flag in someone’s music taste? If they get weird when I start playing trap. I remember in college one time at a party, I was playing Young Thug “With That” and some dude yelled “Aye, turn that stripper music off.” I was blown away.

If you could work with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be? SWV or Ennio Morricone.

Which city has the best and worst music scene? London has the best and the worst is L.A. or NY or Nashville. Anywhere music/art students move to directly after graduation.

What’s your DJing pet peeve? Smugness, I suppose.

The set is over. How are you getting home? If I’ve done my job correctly I’m walking back smoking a joint. But I can’t do that anymore probably.