Dua Lipa will ring in the new year with these 10 songs



Dua Lipa, British singer-songwriter and savior of bad relationships, gave us so much this year, not least of all the ex-clearing bop of the year, “New Rules.” As part of her liberating list of rules, the track includes the wise mantra: “If you’re under him / You ain’t getting over him.”

It’s been quite the year for Lipa, who burst onto the pop scene earlier this year with her self-titled debut album. She has since conquered the airwaves with hit after hit, collaborating with the likes of Sean Paul, Miguel and Martin Garrix. However, nothing can hold a candle to “New Rules,” which has been certified gold in the States, selling over 500,000 copies and landing Lipa her first hit on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The female-empowered music video for the track has grossed over 751 million views on YouTube and has been endlessly recreated by diehards all over the world who vow to never pick up the phone.

Lipa got her start recording covers of songs and posting them online at age 14, creating a fan following with nothing more than her talent. Signed to Warner in 2015, she became all the rage across the pond with her singles “Hotter Than Hell” and “Blow Your Mind (Mwah).” Now 22, she is one of the most successful breakout artists to hit the scene in some time, holding a tight grip on both the U.K. and U.S. music industry. She kicked off her very own Self-Titled Tour this past October in Britain and will be gracing 58 stages across Europe and the United States.

She plans on kicking off the new year the right way—with these 10 songs from her favorite artists that she vows will be on repeat long into 2018.


“OG Heartthrob,” Majid Jordan

DUA LIPA: I chose this song because it really puts you in a good mood. It’s has a throwback feel to it and it always makes you want to dance. It’s the song that past midnight, the first of January, I’ll definitely be playing. Majid Jordan is a duo, and this is off their latest album [The Space Between]. They have this song with Drake called “My Love,” which is also really great. They had just recently released their new album and this is one of my favorite songs from it. It was actually brought to my attention by my boyfriend. He was like, “You need to check this out—you’re going to love this song!” And it’s literally been on repeat since.

“Raingurl,” Yaeji

LIPA: Yaeji is so cool! She came onto my radar quite recently because my friend Grace stumbled upon her at a show she had in Bushwick, in New York, and she immediately texted me and was like, “Oh my God this is something that you will absolutely love! You need to check this girl out.” So I did and I loved her EP. “Raingurl” is just super fun and the lyrics are so great and the vibe is really cool. The music video so beautiful, I really love her.

“Pineapple Skies,” Miguel

LIPA: I was always a fan of Miguel’s work and he was always on my list of people I really wanted to work with. I always admired his work and we also became really good friends along with the process of performing our song [“Lost In Your Light”] together a few times and working in the studio together. He’s just such an easy person to be around. Two nights ago, I was in L.A. and he had his album launch party. So I went down and he sang this song and it was just so, so good live and then I did nothing but play it on repeat when I got home! I really enjoyed it and it was a song that while I was making the playlist that was really on my mind and so I added it onto my list.

“Lemon,” N.E.R.D & Rihanna

LIPA: I’m really excited about this N.E.R.D comeback and I think Rhianna is literally my new favorite rapper. It’s so good and the video is so brilliant and I love the choreography, the dancing … It just feels so cool and effortless. It’s a song that I really love. I mean anything Rihanna touches is brilliant, so that says enough in itself.

“Bouff Daddy,” J Hus

LIPA: So there’s a bit of London vibes with [“Bouff Daddy”], I love J Hus’ album. His song “Did You See?” was also a song I covered at the BBC Live Lounge earlier this year. I got really into his album and I don’t think anyone can pull off what he does on his album like he does. I think it would sound funny coming out of anybody else apart from him. He does it with such style and this is just such a fun song to dance to, which is why I love it. And the lyrics, “I ain’t had a good night’s sleep since God knows when!” I’m like, “Yes!” I feel that on such a spiritual level! [laughs]

“Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B

LIPA: Cardi B … I think I’m in love with her. I’m so obsessed with Cardi B. I do nothing but sit and watch her Instagram videos. Honestly, when I’m in a car and have to drive to somewhere and have nothing to do, I literally go on Instagram and I just watch all of her videos. Then I take my headphones out and show them to everyone in the car. I think she’s brilliant. I love it! She has so much truth and I’m like, “Preach it, girl.” The song is just so good. It has style to it, it’s catchy, it’s so great. It’s one of those songs that makes you feel in charge.

“Dancing On The Ceiling,” Lionel Richie

LIPA: On these last four, I wanted to add more classic songs because I feel like going into the new year you always have to bring something with you. So these four songs, well “Dancing On The Ceiling” by Lionel Richie is a brilliant song and Lionel Richie can do no wrong; he just makes you feel so warm inside. But it also reminds me of when I started performing at Glastonbury maybe two years ago. It was just such a lovely memory and it’s something that I feel like needs to be taken into the new year. I love the feeling it gives me. It’s such a great track.

“Material Girl,” Madonna

LIPA: I felt so lucky to recently wear a vintage archive piece that Madonna had worn. I felt very Madonna in it. But yeah, “Material Girl” by Madonna is for sure a song that just gets you going and everyone just sings along to it. Everybody knows it and it’s just so fun so I had to add it.

“Freedom,” George Michael

LIPA: I wanted to include George Michael because, first of all, he recently passed away. But most of all, he made so many people happy with his music and he changed a lot in pop music and is such a true icon. He’s brilliant, and I love “Freedom,” especially the music video where he had all the supermodels singing about being free and liberated. It’s a song that just makes you want to shimmy. It gives you such a great feeling.

“The Way You Make Me Feel,” Michael Jackson.

LIPA: This is just a song that makes you happy, it makes you think about the people you love. It’s fun and it’s sexy and everyone wants to feel that on New Years Eve. You want to ring the new year in with smiles and that is definitely a track that will put a massive, big fat smile on everybody’s face.