Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Signs,’ NoMBe

“The nice guy finishes last” is an expression that seems to withstand time. NoMBe, a rising L.A.-based musician, is certainly well-aware of it (he’s witnessed friends experience it time and time again), and lets it serve as inspiration for his most recent track “Signs,” which premieres below. Through a lively, yet anxiety-ridden riff and matter-of-fact lyrics, NoMBe describes longing for love while being subject to someone’s changing desires. As he puts it, “We tend to make it hard to be loved,” highlighting the ironic tendency of people to ignore what they really want, not seeing what’s before them until the opportunity is gone.

The bones of “Signs” have existed “for ages,” says NoMBe, who played with its opening phrasing while writing over the years, “until one day the melodies and lyrics just came out.” NoMBe has slowly introduced cuts from his forthcoming album They Might’ve Even Loved Me (Th3rdbrain) over the past few months, with “Signs” serving as its fifth single. The LP, which will be released before year’s end, is NoMBe’s debut, and he says it’s focused on love, fear, desire, and how they intermingle, with each song embodying its own dynamic; in the case of “Signs,” it’s “a fear of showing love.”

NoMBe’s music has been well-recieved thus far, which comes as no surprise given his clear vision for his output (the fact that he’s Chaka Khan’s godson and got early support from Pharrell doesn’t hurt, either). He continues to make music about relatable, everyday struggles, demonstrating both the up- and downsides to love and desire.