Exclusive Song Premiere: Hey Judas by Fine Times

With a touch of soul and a mesh of background synth for good measure, the latest single off Fine Times’s upcoming album is more mature anthem than newcomer pop number. “Hey Judas” may stick to a familiar destined-to-fail-romance theme, with lyrics like “Take all my money…just beat me and drop me like a heathen…don’t stop here,” but the Vancouver-based duo sound like they’ve been in the business for years. Mixing organic vocals with a strong, self-possessed chorus, it’s hard to believe that the group’s entire album slated for mid-September release was only conceived of last year.

It seems “Hey Judas” came together as naturally as the number turned out. “It was the first song we wrote, and it came together incredibly quick. We’d started with a simple pop melody and layered it relentlessly with noise and textures.” Matthew Moldowan told us. A particularly fitting introduction to Fine Times; according to Moldowan “Hey Judas” “ultimately influenced the entire sound of the record.”

The self-titled record recorded with Howard Redekopp (Now Now, Tegan and Sara, An Horse) will be out September 18th on Light Organ Records.