DJ Miss Parker Tells Us What It Takes to Be a BussyCatDoll

dj miss parker

This is SOUND ADVICE, a weekly destination for playlists curated by Interview’s friends, enemies, and lovers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered playlists by Kaliii, Thoom, and DJ Crazy Times. This week, we take you to the rave with the original BussyCatDoll—iconic Brooklyn DJ Miss Parker, whose invigorating mixes marry techno, acid, and trance to glorious and sweaty effect. Though Parker has sworn off afters, as she reveals in the Sound Advice questionnaire below, you can often find her on the weekends at Nowadays or Basement bumping something like the playlist below, an 87-song collection curated especially for us (and you). Just don’t forget the club essentials: “A vape, a sweatband, and intention.”


Where do you dance? You can usually catch me dancing at Nowadays or in the back of the dance floor at STUDIO at Basement.

What’s on your bedroom playlist? Omg… my fave bedroom bop is this super cute early Italo disco/pop track by Anika tilted “Crazy Lover.” It’s on the playlist, she’s kinda giving 80s/90s American pop star Martika. “Left Right” by XG has been in the rotation too. 

What’s the “song of the summer”? There’s two honestly… the mainstream song of summer is “SkeeYee” by Sexyy Red and the underground song of the summer is “Crazy Girl” by Club Eat.

Bluetooth or wired headphones? Definitely wired iPhone headphones.

Who do you trust most with the aux? Only me tbh lol.

What’s your favorite track to drop on the dance floor? Moonwalkers’ “10,000 Screaming Faggots” (Armand’s Banji Mix).

What was your first concert? This is cute, it was Ciara and Ludacris I think. I was 12 or 13, like 2007 I think.

What does it take to be a bussycatdoll? Purrrrrrr…..Well, you have to be able to/try to confront most of your fears, insecurities head-on, honestly. Also, being a genuine and empathetic person with a NASTY sense of fashion and taste in music. PASSION, and the ability to speak TF up when the time is right. 

Where’s the afters? I swore off afters lol. But it’s probably wherever the fashion girlies and muscle gays are going.  

Brooklyn or Manhattan? Brooklyn for the parties and Manhattan for the glam and food. 

Three things you always have with you at the function? A vape, a sweatband, and intention.

What song on this playlist makes you feel emotions? “Love” by Luke Slater.

Who is the queen of disco? Donna Summer

Sunglasses inside? Hell yeah! 

Do you play an instrument? Not a traditional instrument but I use Electronic live gear, such as the Electribe EMX1 and Roland JP-8080 synth to make most of my music. 

Favorite album cover? Tough one actually, but I’m gonna go with Amanda Lepore DJ’ing while holding the leash of a submissive slave on the cover of Lords of Acid’s Expand Your Head.

What’s your go-to post gig meal? I try not to eat after 10pm but the morning hangover meal is giving the chicken cutlet sandwich from La Cantine. It’s always on my mind lol.