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Mel Ottenberg Doubles Back the Disco With Another Giorgio Moroder-Themed Playlist

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This is SOUND ADVICE, a weekly destination for playlists curated by Interview’s friends, enemies, and lovers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered playlists from Sasha ColbyAmaarae, and horsegiirL. This week, in honor of his self-declared obsession with composer Giorgio Moroder, our very own Mel Ottenberg delivers a sequel to his commemorative summertime playlist. This time around, we’re celebrating the father of Italian disco with a selection titled “WASTED!” featuring our favorite Moroder-produced tracks from 1976 to 1978. As you sample the sounds of Donna Summer, check out Mel’s answers to our 70s-themed questionnaire, in which he tells us when it’s acceptable to wear bell bottoms (and how his living room renovation is coming along).


You’re a teenager in the 1970s. Who’s hanging on your bedroom wall? John Travolta.

First record you bought with your own money? Weird Al Yankovich In 3-D was my first record.

Disco or punk? Disco.

What’s the best heel height for a night out? 3.5 inches?

Donna Summer or Diana Ross? Diana.

Best 1970s movie theme song: 1977’s “Theme From The Deep” by Donna Summer produced by Giorgio Moroder is at the TOP of my list and I am OFFENDED that it’s not streaming on Spotify and therefore can’t be on this mix. It’s one of the very best Giorgio Moroder-produced songs from the three years that this mix is highlighting.

Who’s the Cher to your Sonny? I am feeling positively Cher-less these days.

When is it acceptable to wear bell bottoms? I think you must be young or old, or very slim.

Most iconic Interview cover of the decade: Jodie Foster, 1977.

What’s the best 1970s fashion trend? What’s the worst? I absolutely love all of them. Even the bad ones.

What was the name of the first club you went to? The 9:30 club

What’s the sexiest Moroder track? “In the Middle of the Knight.”

Do you feel love like Donna Summers does? Yes.

Where and when did you first hear Moroder? I bought a Moroder live CD at Other Music (a record store in NoHo, RIP) about 20 years ago and my mind was blown.

Who, if anyone, is the modern day Moroder? Nah

Where’s the pregame? Once I get my new living room together it’s gonna be at my place.

The function’s wrapping up. How do you get home? Uber Black.