Here’s What DJ Crazy Times is Bumping on the Planet of the Bass

kyle gordon dj crazy times

This is SOUND ADVICE, a weekly destination for playlists curated by Interview’s friends, enemies, and lovers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered playlists by Kaliii, Paris Texas, and Alfonso La Cruz. Today, comedian Kyle Gordon, also known as DJ Crazy Times, takes us a bit further afield, to the Planet of the Bass. By now, you’ve probably heard his Eurodance parody of the same name, in which he and Biljana Electronica (the first one) prance around the Oculus and declare, “when the rhythm is glad, there is nothing to be sad.” Even before he could duplicate the original video twice, recasting Ms. Electronica in versions two and three, “Planet of the Bass” was announced as the song of the summer. To honor the genre he so lovingly satirized, we tapped Gordon to put together a playlist of his favorite 90s Eurodance, from Aqua to Solid Base. “What I look for when I listen to music in this genre are bouncy basslines, cartoony synth leads, and bizarre lyrical themes,” he told us. “I also of course always love a charming butchering of the English language!”


Where do you dance? Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

What’s on your bedroom playlist? Teddy Pendergrass.

What makes a “song of the summer”? A lot of luck for sure. I also think it needs to be bubbly, fun, danceable, simple, and maybe a little stupid. I think “Planet of the Bass” checks all those boxes.

Fuck, marry, kill: Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music? Marry Spotify, fuck Soundcloud, kill Apple Music.

Bluetooth or wired headphones? Dear god, bluetooth. When wired headphone cables accidentally get ripped out, it’s worse than stubbing your toe.

Who do you trust most with the aux? Me, but I don’t think other people trust me as much as I trust myself.

What’s your favorite 90s Europop track? Has to be “Roses are Red” by Aqua.

What was your first concert? DJ Crazy Times: Arsen Dedić. Kyle Gordon: Jimmy Buffett.

What does it take to be a “Planet of the Bass” girl? Passion and fun of that.

Where’s the afters? Mars 2112.

Three things you’re bringing to the Planet of the Bass? Mobile telephone, CD-ROM, ecstasy.

What song on this playlist makes you cry? “Sex on the Phone.” It’s so poignant, so gentle, so ethereal. I hope they play it at my funeral.

What song on this playlist makes you dance? There is not a single song on this playlist that doesn’t make me want to dance. “More and More” is great though.

Who is the queen of Eurodance? Ms. Biljana Electronica, of course. But runner up would have to be Lene Nystrøm from Aqua.

What is love? It is when the true heart in a moment on the light of the fantasy to make it a way you want to be.

Sunglasses inside or outside? Inside. Never outside.

Do you play an instrument? Yes. I play the guitar, I kinda play bass, and I play piano and drums very poorly.

Where is Biljana Electronica? Right now she’s on holiday in Bucharest.