Tim Hamilton Redux

Given Tim Hamilton’s category-cracking menswear, it’s natural that his seasonal collaborations seamlessly cross disciplines. “It’s not so intentional for me to break boundaries, but the time-frame of fashion moves so fast that I like the concept of change—and that allows evolutions. Why not? It’s silly to be so boring and repetitive. Life is too short,” Hamilton explicates. For the S/S 2011 presentation of his Redux collection-the off-shoot of ten re-conceptualized fundamentals from his main collection—the Iowa import has combined his abstract separates with added elements from artists he admires. With music from performance artist Kalup Linzy, and two videos entitled “Rope” and “Climb” by photographer Collier Schorr, the collection seeks to capture today’s increased speed in the context of Hamilton’s grounded fundamentals. “The physical effort to climb the rope highlighted how intense it can be, and the clothes related as an athletic minimal response to that mood.”