Fabiola Does Super Saturday

Fabiola with Beth Stern. All photos by Jason Beckman


Super Saturday is the all-day designer shopping event in Watermill, New York, where all the profits go to charity. There was lots of talk about designers’ favorite causes, chief among them ovarian cancer—and there was more. Shoshanna Gruss dished with Fabiola Beracasa about what body grooming standards for the event; Blake Lively had a Benjamin Button moment; and InStyle fashion director Hal Rubenstein crossed his fingers for Angelina Jolie on the cover.

FABIOLA BERACASA: Here’s the fabulous Rachel Zoe. I always use the words “I Die!” But now I have to say, “In the words of Rachel Zoe.” What are you doing for Super Saturday?

RACHEL ZOE: I have my booth here, where all the designers contributed merchandise.  We’re raising a ton of money. I want to make even more than I did last year. Not me, but this is just one of the most important days of the year to me. We’ve got to raise money; we’ve got to beat ovarian cancer. We’re still pretty far from it—so it’s very important.  Must come, must shop, must do, must bring my family and must get a beverage.

FB: What designers are you looking at in the fall, that you are really loving?

RZ: Oooh, I’m obsessed with Balmain obviously. Obsessed with everything Alber does for Lanvin, Marc for Vuitton. Some are predictable, some not so predictable, love Phillip Lim, loving Alexander Wang. Um, yeah, I love it all.

FB: Thank you!

FB: So you have a movie coming out. Tell me about it

BLAKE LIVELY: It’s called The Private Lives of Pippa Lee and it comes out October 23. I play a young Robin Wright Penn, Alan Arkin plays the husband.  It’s an amazing, amazing cast: Julianne Moore, Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Maria Bello, Monica Belluci…

FB: What’s it like preparing for that?  You’re such a beautiful, pretty, young woman-don’t you just want to enjoy your summer?

Right: Jason Beckman

BL: It was kind of frightening, working with Rebecca Miller, who is Arthur Miller’s daughter and Daniel Day-Lewis’ wife. And working alongside the caliber of talent I was working along side of…

FB: Were you nervous?

BL: I was terrified!  It was an amazing character.  It was something unlike I’ve ever done, it takes place from the 70’s to the 80’s and I range from being fifteen years old to being twenty-five years old.

FB: So it was like a Benjamin Button moment for you?

BL: Well I didn’t have to range from eighty-it was only fifteen. But starting from a young innocent girl who has a drug-addicted mother and seeing how that affects her life and how it spirals out of control was an amazing journey to be able to take.

FB: Did you feel like being afraid helped you with the character?

BL: [Laughs] No!  Tight when I got on set everyone was so great and so receptive and made me feel so comfortable. IT’s actually easy to work alongside such great actors because they bring it out of you. I’m very lucky; everyone on our show I feel like is such a terrific actor.  I’ve had a lot of help.

FB: Here we are with Beth Stern!  And we’re at Super Saturday and I see you have a shopping bag. so what did you get?

BS: I got a beautiful Donna Karan hot pink leather jacket. It’s to die for. I bought my mother a coach purse. A gorgeous baby blue coach purse for $200 and candles and bubble bath. So far, so good.

FB: And it’s such a great cause you must feel really good about it.

BS: It’s guilt free.

FB: You work with an organization very near and dear to my heart, The Northshore Animal League.

BS: I’m their spokesperson for the past five years. I was just there the other day with a big puppy. They rescued over 200 dogs from Missouri. It’s heartbreaking, there are dogs who have never even been out of their cages-who don’t even know how to walk!

FB: I can’t-

BS:  They’re being rehabilitated-they’re working with our behaviorists.  They’re making progress, but it’s the saddest thing ever.

FB: I don’t know how you do it.

BS: Well, you know you’re helping-any way you can. And these people, they’re not even human to do this.  It’s just so cruel the conditions they put these animals in.  The thing is you have to tell people to not buy from pet stores.

FB: No, I know. You started running because of charity! You got even more fit.

BS: It was so great.  I timed it so the marathon was right near my wedding so I got really thin and trim and toned and I ran the marathon for Northshore, we raised $300,000.  I will never do it again.

With Shoshanna Gruss


FB: Ok, I’m here with my really good friend Shoshanna Gruss at Super Saturday. Every time I’ve been here she’s had a booth here.

SHOSHANNA GRUSS: It’s my eleventh year. so I only missed the first year. The first year I did it there were only 30 booths. It was in someone’s backyard. There were 30 teeny quarter-inch tables in someone’s backyard.

FB: No way.

SG: Isn’t that amazing? And a face painter!  I got my face painted.

FB: Obviously.

SG:  Because I was eleven years old.  But it’s an amazing cause. We bring our best stuff because it’s always great people and you want great people wearing your stuff.

FB: Like me.

SG: Like you!  I pray every year you come to my booth. It’s guilt free.

FB: What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you on Super Saturday?  

SG: The woman stripping down to try on the bathing suits… Maybe she shouldn’t have been wearing the bathing suit in the first place. I definitely don’t need to see that. Get groomed if you’re going to come here.

FB: Thank you to Shoshanna!



FB: How many other organizations does InStyle partner up with?  Is this the main one?

HAL RUBENSTEIN: This the one of the main ones but we do so much throughout the course of the year.  We do events throughout the country and in LA, if it’s breast cancer or schools or learning disabilities.  There are so many organizations that we take part in.  They even support my foundation. I have my own.

FB: Which is what?

HR: It’s called ‘Fun in the Sun’ and we raise money—we have events in Fire Island and we raise money for grassroots organizations, like Camp Harlem, which is a camp for kids with HIV and AIDS.

FB:  Last question who would you LOVE to have on the cover of InStyle?

HR: We’ve never had Angelina Jolie on the cover.

FB: You heard it here Angie! InStyle is waiting for you.